The Chic Planter HGTV's Emily Henderson Swears By For Patio Plants

Looking to add some sleek, modern style to your patio? Designer Emily Henderson, host of HGTV's "Secrets of a Stylist" and winner of "Design Star," has the ultimate piece to infuse some character into your outdoor spaces. Henderson uses concrete planters on her own patio to diversify texture and add greenery to her decor scheme.

The colors in the concrete are an excellent choice for almost any patio as the neutral hues can easily coordinate with the surrounding furniture and decor. The ruggedness of the concrete vessel mixes well with the vibrant plants it holds, creating a chic look that's flying off shelves and wowing designers like Henderson. 

The HGTV star said she "gushed" over them while giving her patio a makeover. "I finally decided to just use the cement pots because the gray looked best on its own or mixed with other mid-century white pots. But how wonderful are those pots?" she writes on her blog.

How to recreate the concrete planter look

These planters are made of a lightweight concrete material, so they are easy to move around while still remaining durable. Concrete planters can serve as a nice bold focal point on your patio when you fill them with bright-colored flowers and place them around darker-colored furniture. Concrete will also help insulate your plants when temperatures drop.

Emily Henderson chose West Elm's concrete Iris Indoor/Outdoor planters for her look. These vessels come with metal holders and range in size from $14.99 for a small tabletop one to $202 for a large floor planter with three separate pots. Concrete planters are extremely durable and weather-resistant. So, you'll have them for years to come, which can help you justify spending a few hundred on them.  

If you want to spend a little less, you can get a medium-sized planter on a wooden stand on Etsy for $105. You can also cut down on price by skipping the stand. Target sells a beautiful tall 17" wide, oval-shaped planter for $80. Lowes offers a more decorative and romantic look with this stout planter for just $35. You can also opt for a concrete planter box, like this one from Home Depot, that sells for $85. Concrete planters come in various shapes and sizes and will create an air of elegance when used in your outdoor spaces.