Remove Sticky Fridge Stains With Ingredients You Already Have

Food tends to be messy wherever it finds itself. As the chief food storage of the home, the refrigerator is bound to have several spills and crumbs here and there, especially if it's loaded up all the time. A lot of people don't store their food properly, which causes it to seep out of containers or bags and leak onto the fridge's shelves and into its many corners. Once the food is exposed to cold air, it will harden and become a real nuisance to clean off. 

You can brush and scrub until your arm goes numb, but if you're dealing with a number of stubborn messes at once, then you'll be there all day long. Instead of going down the suffering route, you can dissolve those sticky stains with two popular ingredients that you already have in your food pantry: Baking soda and vinegar. 

Baking soda is alkaline by nature and when mixed with vinegar, an acid and versatile cleaning tool in its own right, it undergoes a chemical reaction that produces salt, water, and carbon dioxide. The bubbly CO2 is great for cleaning off hardened food from your fridge without having to put too much work in. So if it's cleaning day and you notice your fridge is stained with food spillage, don't hesitate to reach into your kitchen cabinets for a solution.

Place a vinegar sheet over the baking soda to fizz out stains

Attempting to scrub off rock-hard food spills from your fridge is a thankless job but it might also be somewhat unnecessary. According to TikTok creator @2recap, you can make the process a lot easier with just baking soda and vinegar. You'll also need sheets from a strong paper towel or rag. First, generously sprinkle the baking soda onto the stains. Make sure every inch of the mess is covered up. Then, pour the white vinegar on the towel sheet until it's fully soaked up. 

Use as many sheets as you need depending on the size of the stain. Don't pour the vinegar directly onto the baking soda because this will cause it to spread. You want it localized so using a paper towel or kitchen rag is the best option. Food stains in the fridge are a great breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens and they can easily contaminate your food and make you sick. It's important to use an extra-strength mixture like this to deep clean your fridge, and often, too.