The Hack You'll Want To Know If Your Spray Bottles Clog Up

Do you have countless spray bottles, each with a different DIY cleaning solution inside? If so, there are several reasons they may get clogged. The majority of the time, the cleaning product you're using is causing the issue with your spray bottle (this is especially true if you use unfiltered apple cider vinegar). Since spray bottles are often used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and more, you're guaranteed to encounter a clog from time to time. Does this mean you should replace your spray bottle? Not at all. Grab an old pair of pantyhose, cut off a small square, and prepare to create a makeshift filter that will prevent future clogs from happening. 

No matter what you're using in your spray bottles, such as ingredients that ward off garden pests, this trick can help. What makes this hack so great is that you can use it with a variety of spray bottles, and one stocking should easily provide countless filters. This means you can repurpose a pair of old pantyhose while keeping excess waste out of landfills. 

Grab some pantyhose

All you need for this hack is a pair of pantyhose, scissors, and a rubber band. Since you're affixing a small piece of pantyhose to a thin plastic tube, miniature rubber bands work best, but hair ties or even twist ties from a loaf of bread can also work. After you gather your materials, you can get to work. First, cut your pantyhose into squares that are several inches wide. You only need one piece per spray bottle.

Next, open your spray bottle and wrap your pantyhose around the bottom of the plastic tube. Use your rubber band to securely attach it, which will filter out fine particles. If your spray bottle is clogged before beginning this hack, don't throw it out. All you need to do is remove the cap and place the plastic tube and nozzle in hot water, allowing it to soak for several minutes. Next, try spraying the nozzle to see if the clog has dissipated. Once your spray bottle is free from clogs, implement this helpful hack to prevent future clogs from forming.