The Cup Hack You'll Want To Try If You Live In A Cockroach-Infested Area

Cockroaches are universally disliked intruders in homes, often causing significant discomfort to residents. While numerous techniques exist to thwart and eradicate these pests, a unique method recently highlighted on TikTok has piqued interest. TikTok user @hellloo111 unveiled an ingenious trick that is supposed to aid in repelling cockroaches.

The strategy highlighted on TikTok centers on using a simple glass cup, jar, or vase to block cockroaches from accessing homes via drains. The TikToker demonstrated this by placing a glass container upside down on all the drains in their sinks. This barrier stops cockroaches from climbing up the drain and entering the apartment, and @hellloo111 vouched for the success of this technique in warding off pests. Drains present a perfect setting for roaches, with dark and damp conditions that these insects favor. Additionally, drains link apartments, making them a primary pathway for these pests. So, this glass solution offers a cost-effective and efficient shield.

Cockroach prevention tips

The TikTok hack that suggests using a glass cup to block cockroaches from infiltrating your home through drains has gained popularity for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, there are several ways to optimize this method for even better results. One such enhancement is adding weight to the glass. Placing a heavy object on top of the container makes it more challenging for cockroaches to slip through the edges.

Another improvement involves sealing the edges of the glass with tape. Applying tape around the rim creates a tighter seal that eliminates any gaps through which cockroaches could potentially crawl. You could use strong adhesive tape like duct tape to ensure the seal is as airtight as possible. For those looking for a more permanent solution, consider installing a silicone drain cover that securely wards off these insects. This creates an additional barrier that is difficult for cockroaches to penetrate.