Give Your Plants Extra Support With A Handy Item That's Sitting In Your Closet

The benefits of indoor plants are limitless. Not only can indoor plants help you bring the outdoors inside, but they can also work to reduce stress and remove harmful toxins from the air inside your home. Even better, with indoor gardens, there's the perfect plant for everyone. You can choose a mixture of succulents or opt to grow pet-friendly spider plants. However, you might face a potential issue with your plants: they become top-heavy and spill over the edge of their pot. You may even notice that your plant's stem can no longer support its full weight, which can lead to it snapping or breaking. Fortunately, you probably have something in your closet that can easily remedy this situation: a wire hanger.

With nothing more than this one item from your closet, you can help your plants grow and thrive. You can even create an inventive trellis that works to tame your cascading vine plants. If you find that your plant outgrows its support stake down the road, you can easily repurpose it in another house plant. As your plant grows and fills in, you'll hardly notice the wire hanger, so don't worry about it being an eyesore. You can also bend your wire hanger to accommodate a wide range of plants, with some requiring a simple stake and others needing a more complex trellis for support. 

Grab your wire hanger

If you're ready to give your indoor plants some much-needed TLC, grab an old wire hanger. You also want to invest in wire snips — they'll make carrying out this incredible hack that much easier. Yes, you can unwind your wire hanger, but you'll protect your fingers and save time by snipping it next to the neck of your hanger. Next, straighten the wire out so it resembles a candy cane. Now, there are two ways you can go about this project. You can curve your wire hanger so it supports your plant or you can bend it to create a trellis. It all depends on the size of your plants and how much support they need. 

To support your indoor plants, bend your wire hanger in half. You can straighten it from top to bottom to make things easier (including the curved neck) before folding it in half. Push the end of your stake all the way to the bottom of your plant so it's firmly in place. Next, tie your plant to the stake, but not too tightly. You can use green garden twine but if you don't have any handy, some crocheting or knitting yarn will do. Garden yarn is green, however, so it blends better. For vining plants, you can take your wire cutters and use them to bend and shape your wire, creating a zigzag pattern. Stake it into your pot and wrap your plant around it for perfect indoor garden support.