The Easy Way Joanna Gaines Adds Personality To A Bedroom Retreat

Picture frames, wall art, knick-knacks, and jewelry racks — how many of these things do you keep in your bedroom? Sometimes we rely too heavily on clutter to make our spaces look unique, especially in bedrooms where we want to feel comforted and happy. But when it comes to decorations, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. While some décor and wall art can be tasteful, too many bright colors, photos, or patterns can distract from the tranquil vibe everyone wants to create in this room. As Joanna Gaines told Country Living, "The least amount of clutter and noise — the better and more calming."

However, that doesn't mean you have to sleep in an empty, gray box! Gaines' secret to injecting personality into bedroom spaces is to use texture rather than clutter to add dimension and coziness. This textural styling technique can be seen in everything from "Fixer Upper" bedroom transformations to Gaines' own interior design brand, Magnolia. Here's why her strategy works so beautifully and Gaines' advice for mixing textures in the bedroom. 

Prioritize texture over clutter

Joanna Gaines recommends using unique textures to add personality to your space rather than copious wall art, knick-knacks, and clutter. "Let the textures be the thing that makes the room feel complete, more than all the stuff on the walls," Gaines told Country Living. She continued, "you want to feel like when you step in your bedroom, it's a retreat." The brilliant thing about texture is that, unlike patterns or bold colors, it can be easily mixed and matched and still look very pleasing to the eye. 

But what does she really mean when Gaines suggests using texture to create personality? In general, the HGTV star loves to use natural materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, and wood in her designs. In the bedroom, that might look like a rustic wooden headboard, white linen sheets, and a striped cotton duvet in soft, neutral tones. Layering bedding is the key to achieving a resort-like look in your bedroom, including a throw blanket placed at the foot of the bed. Textures can and should also extend beyond the bed itself. For example, adding a leather chair with a crochet throw pillow or a wooden bench with velvet cushions are genius ways to make the eye continue around the whole room.