The Packing Tape Hack For The Spookiest House On The Block This Halloween

Looking for an inexpensive DIY way to decorate your house for Halloween and wow your neighbors? A unique display that no one else on your block will have? Well, you're going to need some packing tape, plastic wrap, and some Christmas lights. With these items and a little imagination, you can create a haunting array of incredible ghostly sculptures, perfect for the spooky season.

This Halloween hack involves wrapping yourself, a friend, or a mannequin in plastic wrap and then covering it in packing tape. After you cut the tape off, you'll tape the pieces back together to make a hollow human sculpture. You can illuminate the sculpture by placing lights inside.

Some people have hung figures from trees to look like corpses, and others just make limbs, so you'll see a pair of legs or an arm sticking out from the ground. You can also add some clear trash bags or gauze as clothing or a ghostly tail. Add colorful elements inside to make it pop, like a red heart. TikToker @thepaperfox recreated the dancing scene from the movie "Anastasia" and had an illuminated couple dancing and twirling from a tree using an art spinner hook. So, you can get really creative with this and are only limited by your imagination.

How to make packing tape ghosts

To make your plastic wrap and packing tape sculptures, you'll need a model, plastic wrap, packing tape, scissors, and lights. You can also add wire or stuffing, like plastic bags, to make your sculpture sturdier. First, you'll wrap your model (whether yourself, a friend, a mannequin, or a stuffed animal) in plastic wrap. If you're using a person, ensure you aren't wrapping too tight. Then, you'll go over the plastic wrap with tape.

It's best to build your sculpture in sections, doing one limb or section at a time and then connecting them together with tape. Once your section or limb is complete, carefully cut it open with your scissors. Tape it back together in a few sections so the shape is secure. Finish covering and taping each section or body part. You can place rings of wire on the inside of your sections and secure them with tape if you want to make the shape secure.

Now, it's time to tape some battery-operated and remote-controlled lights on the inside of your sculpture. You can also use Christmas lights if you leave a hole for the cord so you can plug the whole thing in. At this point, you can stuff your sections with bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or newspaper to make them even more sturdy. When all your sections are done, place them in the positions you prefer and tape them together to complete your finished ghostly figure. Place them indoors or outdoors to create your Halloween display.