The Window Treatment Mistake That's Overheating Your Bedroom

Many people choose to hang heavy or blackout drapes on the windows in their bedroom, which is a terrific choice for the colder season. They help keep your bedroom nice and toasty warm with their excellent heat retention qualities. However, during the hotter months of the year, this feature might be something you want to change, especially if you have an overly warm bedroom. Another consideration if your bedroom has been feeling too warm is the paint color on the walls, as certain choices may also heat up the space.

You might be wondering, does the window treatment you use in the bedroom really make that much of a difference? The answer is yes, and by using the right ones throughout the year you can limit heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. If you change out your heavy drapes for another option, you'll not only feel more comfortable but you may see a significant change in your energy bills as well. What's better than cooling off a hot bedroom and saving money at the same time?

Why heavy curtains can be a mistake in the summer

In the winter, heavy drapes help because they're really great at heat retention. They limit the flow of air between the bedroom and the window so heat can't escape as easily. Keep in mind that if you choose heavy curtains during the winter, you can reduce heat loss simply by closing them when the sun sets. However, to maximize energy efficiency, as well as for aesthetic purposes, you should change your window treatments seasonally.

In the summer, we're more concerned with solar gain through windows. Closing your heavy, dark-colored curtains in the bedroom when it's hot can simply trap the heat inside the room. They can also prevent air circulation, which can end up overheating the room. When you walk into your bedroom and you notice the difference in how hot it is compared to other rooms, check the window coverings. If you have heavy drapes on the windows, this could be the culprit. There are other, better choices when dealing with extreme heat.

The best window treatments to use in the summer

When the weather starts to warm up, try switching to a lighter window treatment in both color and weight. Changing your window treatments with the seasons will not only help your bedroom stay cool during the summer, but it will also give you an excuse to change up your aesthetic often. Either vertical or horizontal blinds will allow you to adjust the slats for light control and reduce solar heat gain at the same time. Additionally, insulated cellular shades are typically more expensive but can offer significant energy savings as well. 

Curtains can be made with linings that reduce the amount of heat absorbed, such as those made with a reflective material to keep sunlight away from the window. Curtains in a light color with a white plastic lining can reduce the heat gain from the sun significantly. Lightweight materials won't absorb as much heat, so they'll keep your bedroom cooler. Even just closing your light-colored curtains when the sun is out can help reduce the amount of heat in the room. Another option is to add a film directly on your windows, which will minimize sun glare.