The Bird Feeder Innovation That Will Keep Bully Birds From Eating All The Food

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Bird feeders can be a great addition to any yard. Large or small, attached or free-standing, they offer a great chance to not only feed local wildlife but also to bring them to your yard for you to enjoy. However, certain species of birds – often called bully birds– can sometimes gobble up all your birdseed and force other smaller and less aggressive birds away from the feeder. A great way to deter larger birds and squirrels is to invest in a feeder with a weighted perch and treadle setup, which blocks access to the seed for larger birds and creatures.

Squirrels, who also like birdseed, can even be an additional problem for homeowners. If you regularly find a fat starling or squirrel in the center of your feeder eating all the seed, a weighted bird feeder may be the perfect solution, allowing other birds a chance to enjoy the feeder before it is empty. The result is a more diverse array of birds in your yard. 

Benefits of a weighted bird feeder

A weighted perch is designed to shut off the food supply for heavier feeders. When triggered by excessive weight, it will cause the treadle to drop down. While larger and more aggressive birds, like blue jays and starlings, can land on the perch, the food supply will be shut down or limited. At the same time, lighter birds can still enjoy full access to the seed. Even if they manage to land on or climb up the feeder, bully birds and squirrels will not stay long, opening the feeder up to smaller birds who may have previously been forced away.

Weighted perch and treadle feeders are available in a number of designs, including free-standing and pole feeders like this two-sided design from Duncraft. Many, like this Digipettor feeder from Amazon, allow you to set and adjust the weight limit with a lever. You can also find hanging bird feeders that have weighted perches to control access around the feeder.