Extend The Life Of Your Bar Soap With This Handy Hack

A bar of soap just isn't what it used to be. Not only is it expensive, but it seems to dwindle down to nothing in no time at all. Further, no one likes to use a bar of soap that is wet and goopy from a previous hand wash. Keeping your soap dry between uses helps it last longer. It also makes it much more pleasing to use the next time you or another household member washes their hands or steps into the shower. One awesome hack can help preserve a bar of soap much longer than usual and keep it dry between uses, and all you need are some rubber bands. 

Some of us may go searching for the perfect soap dish that will allow our soap to not turn into a gloppy mess and melt at record speed from repeated use. Using a dish that holds water is one of the quickest ways to ensure that your bar disappears much faster than it should. No matter what type of dish is used, a few rubber bands can help your bar of soap last as long as possible.

Preserving a bar of soap with rubber bands

Get three taut rubber bands that fit snugly around your soap dish and wrap them around it in three consecutive rows. Leave about a half inch between each rubber band. Make sure the rubber bands fit tightly or they won't provide a sturdy-enough surface for the soap to rest on. This hack will allow the water to drain off of the bar of soap, keeping it dry between uses.

If you have large rubber bands, you might want to wrap them around the soap dish twice. You can also wrap the rubber bands around the dish vertically or horizontally depending on the size of your dish and soap. Just be wary of thin rubber bands that might snap off or very old ones that might disintegrate.

This is a great hack to use when staying at someone else's house or in hotels, as it will keep your soap from touching the soap dish. This can help keep your soap clean and free of germs, which is a good idea when using guest showers. If you really want to maximize the life of your bar of soap, you could also try using an aluminum foil hack.