20 Beautiful Soap Dishes You'll Absolutely Love

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When it comes to the bathroom, it's easy to fall into an uncreative rut, as the utilitarian space doesn't always inspire exciting design ideas — especially if you are renting or don't have room for renovations in your budget. One of the easiest ways to add a little extra personal flair to the room is by incorporating pieces that thoughtfully combine form and function. The humble soap dish often falls into that category, as there are plenty of design-forward options on the market that will do double duty on beautifying your space and keeping your soap from getting goopy and gross.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, archaeologists have determined that the invention of soap dates back to at least 2800 BC. Why not honor this ancient piece of human innovation with a lovely place of distinction at the edge of your sink? Below, we've rounded up some of the most beautiful soap dishes that we could find to give your bathroom or kitchen a mini makeover.

1. Dreamy pink and coral concrete

This pretty concrete soap dish from Brooklinen, priced at $24, features a dreamy cloudlike pattern in a pink and coral or white and gray color scheme. No matter which colorway you choose, it will keep your soap dry while adding a little extra interest to your sink area.

2. Wild zigzags

Available in an array of chic colors, the Zigazagah soap dish from Pigeon Toe is a bit more of a splurge at $48, but each one is handmade in a ceramics studio in Portland, Oregon. As a bonus of the unique zigzag design, plenty of air circulation will keep your soap dry and prevent a slimy film from building up.

3. Cute-as-a-button ceramics

These adorable round ceramic soap dishes are $15.43 each and come in tons of beautiful colors, all of which feature unique speckle patterns and a curved design with drainage holes to keep your soap dry.

4. Luxe black marble

This marble soap dish from H&M ($39.99) comes in black or white colorways, both of which lend a high-end flair to the often-overlooked spot next to your faucet.

5. Industrial concrete

Available in an array of subtle neutral shades, this concrete soap dish is priced at $13.24 and features cool round-edged concrete.

6. Sleek green marble

This round soap dish from Saks Fifth Avenue ($35) is made out of green marble and features a curved design to promote airflow. 

7. Whimsical waves

Featuring a fun wavy edge and a contrasting black and white scheme that can go with pretty much anything, this porcelain soap dish from Saks Fifth Avenue costs $12.

8. Funky ripples

The unique ripple shape of this concrete soap dish makes it an eye-catching piece of decor for stowing your soap. Available for $26 from Fern Soapery, it comes in a few fun colors, but our favorite is this minty toothpaste-like hue.

9. Red pine wood

If you're more of a woodsy type, you might prefer this simple but stylish red pine soap dish from Helen Milan, which is handmade in Japan and available starting at $18.

10. Elegant brass

If old-fashioned brass is more your speed, you could try this elevated soap stand from Hawkins New York ($18). Each one is handmade and allows for maximum airflow to prevent soggy soap.

11. Pop of yellow

Looking to add a pop of bright yellow to your sink space? This lemon yellow soap dish from Ekobo will run you $22 for a set of two. It comes in six colors and is made out of eco-friendly bamboo.

12. Woodsy cedar

This cedar soap dish from Gather Goods is only $6 and features ridges that are both pleasing to the eye and allow airflow below your bar of soap.

13. Mother of pearl enamel

Feeling fancy? This elegant option from Bed Bath & Beyond ($55) is made out of stainless steel and mother of pearl-infused enamel, giving it a luxe seashell-like appearance.

14. Cottagecore florals

Designed by MacKenzie-Childs and sold by Saks Fifth Avenue, this $35 soap dish lends some floral flair to the bathroom or kitchen. The flowers are hand-applied to the dish, which is made out of hand-glazed steel.

15. Cinese-inspired porcelain

Blue lotus flower designs inspired by Chinese ceramics pop against the crisp white background of this porcelain soap dish, which costs $19.99 from Wayfair.

16. Funky black and white checks

This black-and-white check soap dish is another gem designed by MacKenzie-Childs and sold by Saks Fifth Avenue. The enamel dish, priced at $35, is hand-painted for a special one-of-a-kind personality.

17. Glass bathing beauty

Available in four stylish colors, this hand-pressed glass soap dish from Food52 is dubbed the "Bathing Beauty Dish." As a bonus, it can also be easily repurposed as a candy or trinket dish.

18. Sweet lacy designs

These handmade ceramic soap dishes are embossed with lace, making for a unique and romantic pattern. At $20.47 each, they are available in three neutral colorways. Little heart-shaped drainage holes complete the look.

19. Elevated design

How cool are these self-draining soap dishes? Believe it or not, they are available from Walmart for $12.99. The unique gold-hued stands are made out of rust-proof wrought iron and add an unexpected style moment to the side of a sink.

20. Self-draining silicone

The simple but smart design of this silicone soap dish from Yamazaki ($8) allows water to flow right back into the sink, prolonging the life of your soap. Available in clean white or sleek black, it's designed to keep the edge of your sink looking spic and span.