The Popular Scent That'll Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard And Garden

It can be relaxing and enjoyable to tend to a garden, even when you have to pull weeds. That is until you spot something moving slowly through the underbrush and quickly realize it's a snake. Even if it's a harmless garden-variety snake, chances are good you don't want it lurking there. To encourage snakes to leave your garden and yard, make use of cinnamon oil. The strong scent of this vibrant spice is all it takes to discourage opportunistic snakes from making your outdoor space their next place to call home.

It's always a good idea to call out an exterminator, though, if you think there's a dangerous snake species in your yard or garden. Unfortunately, this does happen in many areas. However, if you've looked up the various versions of garden snakes and are confident you'll be safe, you can simply pick up the reptile with a rake and move it. On the other hand, you could just make your yard less of a welcoming space for the critter.

Cinnamon's pungent odor is enough to deter snakes from coming toward it, which means that placing it in just the right locations around your yard and garden will help to prevent new scaly visitors. For this to happen, you'll need a very strong scent, which is why cinnamon essential oil is a better choice than just using a few cinnamon sticks in your yard.

Cinnamon oil as a snake repellent

Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, which is what helps to make this essential oil a powerful protector of yards from slithering slakes. This natural component isn't necessarily harmful to the snake (don't try using it to kill the snake), but it creates an unpleasant scent to the reptile, encouraging it to move on. Because a snake relies heavily on its sense of smell to find its next meal, any type of strong, unpleasant odor will overpower those food-seeking abilities.

Snakes will naturally move away from such odors because they can't find food. They don't like peppermint and clove oil either, which makes just about any holiday essential oil kit the perfect gift for someone who doesn't like these unwelcome guests in their garden or yard. Other helpful scents for this task include garlic, sulfur, and lime. A combination can help as well.

Snakes typically come out into the open or move into new garden areas because they're looking for a new food source. They eat everything from rodents to insects, but they're constantly looking for new sources of their favorites. That means that if you have areas of your yard that are likely to harbor these critters, you'll want to use some type of protectant in the area to keep snakes and other pests at bay. Notably, cinnamon is also a good option for keeping mice out of your yard.

How to use cinnamon to keep snakes away

You can purchase cinnamon oil online or in many health stores. You don't need the highest quality product to repel snakes, but you do want something with a strong cinnamon scent. If you don't want to invest in this oil just yet, you can try cinnamon sticks, but you'll need to use more of them to ensure the aroma carries through.

To create a snake repellent, fill a spray bottle with water. Then, add several drops of cinnamon oil to it. Aim for five or so drops for every 8 ounces of water. Shake it well to mix it. Then, head outdoors to where you think your snake infestation risks are in your garden and/or yard. That's typically going to be around bushes, wood piles, and other areas where mice or insects live. Spray on the ground and near the base of bushes liberally. You'll need to do this every few days as a type of prevention strategy. This will give you some time to minimize any rodent or insect problem that could be luring snakes into your area.

If you've found a snake in your home, you can use this same mixture as a type of fumigant, but you'll need to be sure the snake has a way out. If there's an area of risk to you, like the garage or a shed, try using an essential oil diffuser when you're in that area with a cinnamon-based fragrance.