The Carefree Gardening Trend TikTok Is Obsessing Over

You've probably searched high and low for the best flowers to plant in your yard, wondering what will complement your outdoor space. But with so many beautiful options to choose from, how do you select the best seeds and varieties to grow? Additionally, you might be looking for a carefree way to plant a DIY garden. According to this whimsical TikTok hack, you can throw caution to the wind and mix together as many different packets of seeds as you like. The sky is the limit! And you don't need any gardening experience to carry out this creative trend. 

Even if you strive for an organized existence, a little bit of chaos in your garden is good for the soul. You can enjoy a variety of colorful flowers, some perfect for attracting pollinating insects like bees. So if you're ready to add some colorful wildflowers to your garden, this genius hack is fast, fun, and perfect for the creative gardener with limited free time. 

Add seeds, mix, and plant

If you want to add a little bit of chaos to your garden, begin by grabbing a bucket and some soil. You also need to pick out a selection of seed packets. Whatever you like, purchase! The more colorful, the better. Once your bucket has soil in it, it's time to start adding seeds. Just throw them in until you're satisfied with your mixture, give them a good stir, and add in water. Pick the area you're looking to grow your flowers and throw them around everywhere. Next, @sassy.mama92.2 recommends stomping on them to help push them into the soil, making it a carefree, DIY gardening experience, according to her TikTok post. Once your seeds are down, start watering! After that, you just wait for your seeds to grow and for a colorful garden to blossom before your eyes. 

Whenever you plant in your garden, there is a risk that some seeds won't grow. If you use too much water or not enough, your seeds might not germinate. Additionally, any soil with an excessive amount of plant residue might prevent your seeds from growing, so you may need to aerate the soil before planting them. Soil with too much clay may also make it difficult for your seeds to germinate, so you might want to look for plants that thrive in clay soil. These include aster, bearded iris, coneflower, and more, and are worth considering as you look to sow seeds in your garden