Keep Your Fake Flowers In Place With A Handy Table Ingredient

Sometimes, decorative fake flowers are a better option than real ones primarily due to the fact they don't ever wilt or shed even on hot days. However, fake flowers have a tendency to move around in the container you place them in because of the lack of water. Aside from being hugely annoying, this can make your arrangement look disorganized too — something you definitely don't want at a big event like a wedding or christening. 

There is a handy solution to this issue though, and it requires a common table ingredient: salt. Yes, you read that right. With just salt and cold water, this artificial flower arranging trick means your fake blooms will stay where you want them to. Say goodbye to the frustration of your blooms leaning to the side after you've spent hours making them look how you want. Below is all you need to know about what to do and how this hack works.

Never struggle with fake flowers moving about again

To make your fake flowers look better than ever, simply grab the vase you want to house them in and fill it with salt. Then, add a small amount of cold water. Your beautifully arranged flowers should remain where you place them until they're moved. The way this hack works is that the salt will solidify, essentially keeping the flowers in place. It's also a good trick to know if you also often buy fake flowers for your house and worry about them looking real.

Real flowers do move, but not much, so your fake ones staying in place will help give the impression they are real due to them not floating around. Plus, as the salt stiffens, it won't look odd in the water, especially if you have filled the vase. However, use a tinted or opaque vase if the salt crystals are more visible than you want them to be. The next time you purchase artificial flowers, keep the above salty hack in mind for flowers that look beautiful for longer.