Use Pool Noodles To DIY Festive Halloween Witch Legs For Your Porch

Halloween has become one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, second only to Christmas, and people love decorating their homes and yards with all sorts of elaborate designs for the spooky season. Stores everywhere have swag and decor to completely makeover your space into the haunted house of your dreams, but there's something to be said for creating a few decorations yourself. 

Some people make their own gravestones or pose skeletons artfully around the lawn, but one YouTuber has come up with a way to make some pretty convincing witch's legs to bring a little more gore, or even whimsy, to your design, depending on your tastes. The YouTube video tutorial of this pool noodle trick definitely leans into the whimsical for this crafty idea.

There are boldly striped tights, glittery shoes, and legs akimbo poking out of the top of a bush, but it would be easy to create a "Wizard of Oz" motif by placing them under your porch instead. You could also make the legs scarier with some fake blood instead of glitter, creating the look of a massacre right in your front yard. With this clever craft idea and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Step-by-step DIY witch's legs

Level up your Halloween decor with some super cool DIY witch's legs. You'll need two pool noodles, some dowel rods, costume tights in whichever color you like, stuffed filling, and of course a pair of witch's shoes. There are many ways to make witch's shoes, but this particular tutorial requires you to simply use an old pair of your own buckled heels or even pick some up cheap at a thrift store. If you choose to glitter your shoes, paint glue across the upper surfaces, then sprinkle black glitter until the shoes are entirely covered.

While those dry, cut off the end of each pool noodle at an angle so they'll fit easier into the shoes. Use the dowel rods as support, fitting them into the center hole of each. Next, take your stuffing (available at craft stores or simply pull it out of a cheap pillow) to wrap around the noodles in sections, creating heels, calves, and thighs. Pull the tights up over the angled "toe" of the noodle and slowly raise them over the stuffing to hold it in as you go. 

In the video, they use thigh-high stockings, but if you can't find any, regular tights will work. Once your legs look equally sized and proportionate, tape the open ends of the stockings to the exposed part of the noodle and add the shoes. Play with the placement of your DIY witch's legs until it looks exactly the way you like.