Transform IKEA Lazy Susans Into A Functional Bookshelf With One Clever Hack

Thanks to BookTok, reading has drastically increased, and so have book sales (via Publishers Weekly), which means a home full of books is bound to happen. Sound like you? Then odds are you've been looking to add book storage to your space for your home library. Now, what better and more affordable place to look for home furnishings than IKEA? In fact, we found the best functional bookshelf from IKEA that isn't an actual bookshelf at all. Instead, TikToker @project_34_selfbuild, who goes by Joanna, decided to use SNUDDA pieces (IKEA's take on lazy Susans) with wooden dividers and bookends to create a cute DIY bookshelf.

By using several wooden lazy Susans from IKEA and wooden pieces from your nearest lumber yard (as Joanna did), you can build your own. Better yet, since this bookcase incorporates multiple lazy Susan tiers, it is able to spin around for an interactive and accessible user experience. By making the crosses like Joanna built, you'll be adding in multiple "shelves" to the bookcase to store a handful of books that are kept secure with the wooden bookends.

Build your own IKEA lazy Susan bookshelf

To start building your own IKEA bookshelf like Joanna's, you're going to need at least three SNUDDA lazy Susans to create multiple tiers. This will give you the space you need to house multiple books, especially since the wooden dividers add in four sections to each tier. Use a tape measure to record the diameter of each SNUDDA top so you can cut wooden pieces to the appropriate length to form a cross.

Once you have the right sizes, take your first wooden pieces and spread a line of wood glue down the thin length edge. Secure it glue side down on the top surface before adding two more wooden boards on both sides to give your bookcase the dividers it needs to create sections. This part will require a drill and some screws to keep the boards in place. Then, place another lazy Susan on top, and repeat this process one final time.

For extra style and security, Joanna added wooden bookends to the edge of the sections to keep the books in place. Use your glue to draw a line on one side of the bookend to keep it locked on the board. While Joanna kept her bookcase as is, feel free to paint and decorate your bookshelf for more style and personal touch.