The IKEA Hack That Turns A Simple Shelf Into A Beautiful Decorative Bench

Are you trying to decorate your home on a budget? If you're looking for a new bench but want the satisfaction of creating it yourself (and want to give your wallet a break), we have the perfect TikTok hack for you to try. You can easily have the bespoke accent piece of your dreams and all you need is an IKEA BERGSHULT shelf, four table legs, and yarn. The best part about this creative hack is that IKEA offers this shelf in three different colors: white, black, and walnut. From there, you can select the table legs that speak to you and the yarn that complements your space. 

IKEA is known for its affordable decor and furniture, so you could even make this bench as a budget-friendly gift for friends and family. So grab your power drill, your IKEA BERGSHULT shelf, and a few other supplies. And you'll wow your guests with your new, custom furniture. 

Transforming your IKEA BERGSHULT shelf

TikToker @kleinstadtcoco explains how to create this DIY bench that can fit in perfectly with nearly any home decor. For starters, head to IKEA and pick out the largest-sized BERGSHULT shelf in a color that matches your preferred palette. Next, you need four table or bench legs that are about 16 to 18 inches tall for the ideal height. You can order everything from industrial hairpin ones to Mid-Century modern style options featuring wood and brass.

Using an electric screwdriver, attach the legs at the corners of the shelf. Once they're securely in place, wrap wool yarn around the middle of your bench, securing it in place at the start and end. You can either use the same color as the shelf for some monochromatic texture or use a contrasting hue for a pop of color. 

Now that you've made your IKEA BERGSHULT bench, you can start decorating! Keep in mind that the shelf can only hold a maximum of 22 pounds, so it's not the type of bench you'd want your guests sitting on. Instead, use the bench more for displaying accents like plants, stacks of books, or candles. No matter how you decorate your custom piece of furniture, you'll have an item that's completely original and you won't break the bank creating it.