How To Get Permanent Marker Off Carpet Floors

Uh-oh! Did someone in your household use a permanent marker on something they shouldn't have? Well, there's no reason to fret. Despite their reputation, these markings are never as permanent as they're made out to be. Sure, permanent markers on practically any surface will be heavily resistant to regular soap, but they will quickly dissolve with the help of a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Thankfully, this cleaning method is entirely safe to use on carpets, even if there are other areas you should never clean with rubbing alcohol.

All it takes is a few drops of isopropyl alcohol directly onto the stain or applied to a piece of cloth or paper towel, and away you go. Now, the first thing you should be cautious of is not wiping or smearing the stain; blotting is critical here. When rubbing alcohol interacts with permanent marker ink, it reliquifies the dried spot in the carpet fibers, allowing it to saturate the cloth or towel. If you wipe or smear, you risk moving the ink around the fibers, not picking it up. A firm press with your towel held there for a few seconds will give the rubbing alcohol the time it needs to interact with the dried ink, soaking it up right after it's loosened. 

Lifting the stain out your carpet with rubbing alcohol

A word of wisdom: Try not to inhale the fumes of the isopropyl alcohol while you try this method, for as convenient as rubbing alcohol can be, it can be noxious when inhaled. You'll want to give it a few passes with multiple rounds of fresh rubbing alcohol and a clean area of the cloth, as one attempt may not be enough to eradicate the stain. You also don't want to keep blotting with the same portion of your cloth that's already soaked up ink, as you risk transferring ink back onto the carpet. 

This approach can do an excellent job of getting practically all the stain out of your carpet, depending on how fresh and set-in it is. However, if there are still any faint markings that are giving you trouble, you can try finishing it off with an alternative method. For instance, toothpaste can work wonders on a stained carpet and help lift any lingering discoloration.