Sam Pak

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Rochester, NY
The College At Brockport
DIY, Homesteading, Home Renovation
  • Sam is a hands-on homeowner who is constantly looking for new ways to improve the space he and his family live in.
  • Having grown up in a house in the woods, Sam has grown a bond with nature and rural living in addition to suburban home life.
  • Sam has also written on topics beyond residential living, such as business renovation, homesteading, and home education.


Sam was brought up in digital marketing with a diverse toolset of knowledge, including paid SEM, paid and organic social media marketing, and written SEO content. With a background of 7+ years in the marketing industry, he has helped various brands across numerous verticals improve their conversion rate optimization, lead generation, landing page design, and overall digital footprint. At House Digest, he applies his problem-solving and creative skills to drum up insightful content that helps readers understand the areas in which they can improve their home. It also helps that he, at one point, was a metal roofer, which heightened his handiness around the home.


Sam graduated from The College at Brockport in 2017 with two bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Business Administration.
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