Transform An Old Paper Towel Holder Into A Nifty Organized Wrapping Station

When it comes to disposing of old kitchenware such as a paper towel holder, it's easy to reach straight for your trash can to toss it away. Perhaps you simply want a new one or your current one has reached the end of its lifespan. However, instead of throwing it in the trash, you could use it in a creative way around your home. For example, one great way to reuse an old paper towel holder is to transform it into your very own wrapping station. Not only will this help you to become more organized, but you can also complete this DIY for free.

If you often find it difficult to locate things around your home, then this could be the perfect solution for you. Crafting this organization station is relatively easy, and it will help you reuse a paper towel holder that would have otherwise gone to waste. This trick allows you to upcycle an item, which benefits the planet by keeping it from heading to the landfill. If you want to reuse a paper towel holder for storing your wrapping tools, we'll explain how to do so below.

Grab your old paper towel holder

This hack by @redeux_style on TikTok can be utilized by almost anyone. Simply take your old paper towel holder and place it wherever you want to store your wrapping items. Then, select what tools you want to keep there. For example, maybe you have some rolls of tape or spools of ribbon that you could group together. Once you decide what you want to store in the area, stack the items on top of each other on your paper towel holder. Now, you should have a stack of wrapping essentials so that you can quickly locate them whenever duty calls. 

You could also place a pair of scissors through the top of the rolls of tape or ribbon as well. If you have smaller items that you want to keep with your wrapping things such as stray pieces of ribbon, small bows, or name tag stickers and a pen, you could contain these in a small drawstring bag and tie this to the bottom or side of the paper towel holder. No matter what small items you normally use to wrap presents, these could also be included on this storage solution. However, you'll have to store your wrapping paper somewhere else nearby, as these rolls are too large.

This storage solution keeps everything together

Using an old paper towel holder works great for storing items together, as they can all sit on the small pole that typically holds a paper towel roll. This helps to keep several items all in one place. Not only that, but you can move it around with you to wherever is suitable. In addition, this trick also helps you become more efficient instead of spending a long time searching for everything you need. What more could you want when it comes to streamlining the wrapping process? 

Likewise, if you only have a horizontal paper towel holder that connects to the bottom of a cabinet or the wall, this could also be used. Just simply slide the tools on horizontally instead of stacking them vertically to keep them all in one neat area. If you have several old paper towel holders, you could always create a large craft station. On the other hand, if you don't have any wrapping tools to store, you could always transform your paper towel holder into a hanging plant instead.