The Cleaning Solution You Can Use To Freshen Up A Smelly Sink Drain In A Pinch

The kitchen sink can be a dirty place. Even if you do a good job scraping your plates into the trash after meals, food bits will still inevitably end up in the sink drain and garbage disposal. Over time, this can cause bacterial growth which can become odorous. You can easily pour dish soap on a sponge and scrub the garbage disposal side and the sink walls, but most kitchen sinks have a strainer that prevents you from cleaning deep in the drain.

If you want to eliminate the stink from your sink drain or garbage disposal, Pine-Sol will do the trick. This popular cleaning product is a widely known disinfectant and multi-surface cleaner, and it's now available in five different scents to give your home that "yes, my house was freshly cleaned" aroma.

So whether it's for your garbage disposal drain, sink drain, or both, Pine-Sol can do wonders in the cleaning, sanitizing, and odor-eliminating departments.

How to use Pine-Sol to freshen up your sink drain

To scrub your sink drain and garbage disposal, pour some Pine-Sol on a sponge and scrub away. You can also use an old toothbrush to get into any hard-to-reach areas. Just be sure to use latex or rubber gloves to protect your hands during the scrubbing process. If you're seeking just a fragrance boost and deodorizer, pour about a tablespoon down the drain.

If you're not a fan of the original Pine-Sol scent, you can choose from three other options: Lemon Fresh, Lavender Clean, Orange Energy, and Sparkling Wave. All promise to deodorize and cut through the gunk that is causing your sink drain to stink, however, only the original version claims to kill the COVID-19 virus, disinfect, and kill 99.9% of germs. Regardless of which one you choose, Pine-Sol can effectively eliminate sink odors and give it a fresh, clean scent.