Get A Professional-Level Seal On Your Trash Can With This Easy Hack

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a professional-grade seal on your trash can? You know, those tightly sealed bags that grace almost every office or commercial space but seem impossible to execute at home? Well, this simple trash bag hack can eliminate those unseemly air gaps from your bin. All you need is a handy cleaning tool: a vacuum.

You might be thinking, why not just push down on the garbage as you fill up the bag to remove the air? While that may technically work, it can also lead to the trash puncturing the bag and causing a hole. Even worse, you could potentially injure yourself on sharp objects or broken glass. Instead, there is a convenient and easy hack that involves using a vacuum cleaner to suck out the trapped air and achieve an airtight seal from the start. Here is how you can remove the air from your trash bags at home.

Achieving an airtight seal

To achieve an airtight seal on your trash bag, start by making a small hole in the side of a plastic trash bin. This method can apply to various sizes of plastic bins, whether it is a standard 13-gallon bin or a larger one for busy areas. Once the bag is inside the bin, use a vacuum to extract the air through the hole you created. This simple trick will remove any trapped air, resulting in a neat and securely sealed bag that looks professional.

When drilling a hole in the plastic bin, be mindful not to position it too close to the bottom to prevent any possibility of garbage liquid leaking out if the bag is punctured. Likewise, you can employ a double-bagging method as an additional safeguard to contain any seeping liquid. After all, the objective is to achieve a professional appearance, and garbage juice oozing out certainly doesn't fit the bill.