The Best Table Runners You Need To Instantly Elevate Your Dining Area

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A table runner is a simple way to transform any dining room and make it look more stylish and elegant. In general, these simple decorations aren't as fussy as a tablecloth, but they also tend to look more formal than separate placemats. Use table runners to decorate the table, define seating spaces, and connect the room around a central focal point.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the perfect table runner including size, material, season, and styling. Unless you want it to fit like a centerpiece, the ideal size is about ⅓ the width of your table. Ideally, it should also hang at least 6 inches off the surface on either side, so measure the length of your table and add 1 foot to the measurement to get your perfect size. Solid and subtly-patterned designs offer a versatile backdrop to any other table settings, but a festive pop of color can also be great to set the mood for the season. While they are mostly decorative, a table runner can also be useful to protect your surface from spills, stains, or hot dishes, especially if it's made from an easy-to-wash cotton or linen fabric. To help you find the perfect fit for your dining room, we've rounded up 16 of our top picks for the best table runners.

How we selected products

What determines if a table runner deserves to be called one of the best? To choose the items on this list, we considered their available sizes, shapes, and colorways, the quality of the materials, and the overall design of each product. The best table runners should be eye-catching and fashionable but also timeless and easily styled to suit multiple occasions. We also factored in purchaser reviews and the care requirements for the table runners, ensuring that each pick not only looks and feels great on your table but is easy to clean and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

After scouring through shops while on the hunt for timeless, high-quality, and durable items, we finally came across a total of 16 table runners that would look stunning in any dining room. Whether you're searching for a beautiful beaded centerpiece, a charming autumn runner, or a durable year-round decoration, these stunning picks are sure to earn you compliments. 

Best overall: D'Moshka's Table Runner

The Table Runner by D'Moshka is our top overall pick because it's solid, durable, machine washable, and versatile. This piece comes in over 10 colors including sage green, natural taupe, lavender, deep red, black, and more. There are also multiple sizes to choose from, plus matching placemats and napkins available. With pointed ends and a hemstitch detail that gives the runner a unique touch, we think this is the perfect solid basic to start off any well-rounded collection.

Buy the D'Moshka Table Runner on Amazon starting at $28.99.

Best budget: FEXIA's Boho Table Runner

For just under $10, this affordable piece looks much more expensive than it really is. The FEXIA Boho Table Runner comes in three beautiful colorways: brown stripe, blue stripe, and solid cream. The fun tassels and macrame details add a touch of texture, and reviewers love its solid craftsmanship and versatile, rustic style. Made of a durable cotton and polyester blend, the description says this runner is machine washable, but most reviewers recommend cleaning by hand or using a gentle cycle when necessary to preserve its delicate details. 

You can purchase the FEXIA Boho Table Runner on Amazon starting at $9.99. 

Best modern: CB2's Malang Modern Woven Black Table Runner

Do table runners instantly remind you of your grandparent's house? Bring this timeless style into the modern era with the Malang Modern Woven Black Table Runner. This piece is handmade with Indonesian mendong grass, giving it a unique natural texture and durable, modern finish that should only be spot cleaned. The sleek black color makes this runner perfect for layering with other pieces or standing on its own. 

Purchase the Malang Modern Woven Black Table Runner at CB2, starting at $34.95. 

Best jute: Pottery Barn's Hand-Braided Jute Table Runner

Jute is great for all seasons. Add a vase of bright tulips or bunny motifs in the spring, a tall pitcher of lemonade in the summer, or leaves and candles in the fall to transform the Hand-Braided Jute Table Runner throughout the year. Whether you prefer an organic modern concept or a classic farmhouse vibe, you'll love this runner's natural texture and durable weave. Like most jute items, this runner should only be spot cleaned. 

The Hand-Braided Jute Table Runner is available for purchase at Pottery Barn, regularly $89. 

Best lace: ARTABLE's Lace Table Runner

Elegant and romantic occasions call for a beautiful lace accent piece. This Lace Table Runner by ARTABLE comes in a lovely antique-inspired color and features scalloped lace edges and fine mesh details on each end. Made with a linen and polyester blend, this runner provides a luxurious look at an affordable price tag and is even machine washable on a gentle cycle. While the description says it is stone gray, most reviewers explain that the color is more like a muted tan, which works in a wide range of dining room color schemes. 

The ARTABLE Lace Table Runner is sold on Amazon starting at $13.99.

Best cotton: Pottery Barn's Handwoven Basketweave Cotton Fringe Table Runner

A bestseller at Pottery Barn, the Handwoven Basketweave Cotton Fringe Table Runner is available in three charming colors: natural (creamy off-white), loden (deep olive green), and heathered gray. Made with durable slub cotton, this runner is sustainably sourced and handcrafted, making each piece ever so slightly different from the others. The fun tassels and neutral color palette work well for any occasion, and the subtle texture is great for layering with other organic, earthy colors. This piece can only be spot cleaned and air dried.

You can purchase the Handwoven Basketweave Cotton Fringe Table Runner from Pottery Barn for $79.50. 

Best embroidered: Coral & Tusk's Plants Table Runner

A brilliant investment piece for any table runner collection, the embroidered Plants Table Runner by Coral & Tusk contains about 472,000 fine stitches. Each plant frond has varying thread colors which must be changed manually during stitching, resulting in a beautifully vibrant and dynamic table runner. Reviewers love the attention to detail and high-quality linen that makes this runner an ideal gift or heirloom piece. Because of the delicate nature of this item, it can only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned.

Purchase the Plants Table Runner from Coral & Tusk, starting at $304. 

Best macramé: Target's Cotton Macrame Runner

A macramé table decoration is a classic for warm weather. The Cotton Macramé Runner from Opalhouse at Target is perfect for cradling your best floral centerpieces or summer salads. Made with 100% cotton, this runner is soft, durable, and easy to style with elegant white plates, coastal arrangements, or earthy boho décor. The care instructions recommend spot cleaning only, as the material may shrink in the washing machine.

Buy the Opalhouse Cotton Macramé Runner at Target, starting at $25 when purchased online.

Best floral: SilvesterFabric's French Country Floral Vintage Table Runner

Ideal for creating cozy, vintage, and cottagecore vibes, this French Country Floral Vintage Cotton Rectangle Table Runner features a beautiful floral tapestry pattern and white fringe trim. Each table runner is handmade with cotton and linen fabric and comes in over eight sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your table. Plus, while this beautiful runner should be hand washed in warm to cold water, it can be tumble dried on low heat. Matching rectangular and round placemats are also available. 

The French Country Floral Vintage Cotton Rectangle Table Runner is available on Etsy from SilvesterFabric, starting at $29.98.

Best bold colors: SoleiEthnic's Traditional Mexican Table Runner

Not everything in life has to be neutral and basic, and the Traditional Mexican Table Runner by SoleiEthnic is anything but. The runner comes in two lengths and is handmade with durable cotton and embroidery thread. The colors may vary slightly on each table runner, so you know the product you receive will be totally unique to you and your home. Purchasers rave about the high-quality stitching and captivating, vibrant colors that brighten up the whole room. To preserve the colors and embroidery, spot cleaning is best.

You can purchase the Traditional Mexican Table Runner by SoleiEthnic on Etsy, starting at $104.99.

Best striped: Target's Cotton Striped Table Runner

A classic striped table runner is a staple piece in any dining collection. The Cotton Striped Table Runner by Threshold at Target comes in four styles and is made of soft and strong cotton and linen, making it effortless to style and simple to clean in the washing machine. The perfect year-round table runner, reviewers love that the neutral pattern works well for all seasons, comes in extra long lengths, and compliments a variety of table colors. 

The Cotton Striped Table Runner is sold at Target, starting at $18 when purchased online.

Best beaded: Enlivenstores' Handmade Beaded Table Runner

A gorgeous beaded table runner is the ultimate statement piece, demonstrating a keen eye for design and meticulous attention to detail. The Handmade Beaded Table Runner by Enlivenstores is perfect for placing as a centerpiece or layering over a tablecloth, since it's not as long as other options. Purchasers love the rich colors, beaded texture, and flawless handiwork that goes into each swirling petal and leaf. As an added bonus, the smooth surface is surprisingly easy to spot clean. 

Find the Handmade Beaded Table Runner by Enlivenstores on Etsy starting at $91. 

Best for fall: Simhomsen's Embroidered Table Runner

There's something about the first fall breeze that makes you want to warm up the table in shades of red and gold. This cozy Embroidered Leaves Table Runner by Simhomsen will take you all the way from Labor Day to Thanksgiving dinner. The unique cutout design makes it look as if forest leaves have freshly fallen on your table, and the machine-washable polyester fabric means that it's easy to display all season. Purchasers claim they've been showered with compliments because of this stunning table runner.

If you want to buy the Simhomsen Embroidered Leaves Table Runner, it's sold on Amazon and starts at $13.29.

Best festive: Anteer 2-pack Sequin Table Runner

Holidays, birthdays, baby showers, New Year's Eve, graduations — so many occasions call for a little extra sparkle, and this Sequin Table Runner by Anteer can do it all. The table runner comes in a pack of two, perfect for parties, special events, or anytime your home needs a touch of extra glam. Each runner is extra long, and with over 10 different colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits the vibe of your dining room. These sparkly pieces are hand wash only and some the sequins could fall off, but they can easily be reused over and over again.

The two-pack of Sequin Table Runners by Anteer is sold on Amazon for $14.98.

Best for Hanukkah: Enlivenstore's Handmade Bead Hannukah Table Runner on Etsy

Need an eye-catching centerpiece for Hanukkah season? Use this Handmade Bead Hanukkah Table Runner that should only be spot cleaned to set the stage beneath your menorah or bring a touch of joyous energy to your dining room table. This gorgeous piece is shorter than most runner options but the perfect size for placing in the center of the table when layered over a tablecloth or longer runner. Reviewers love how each hand-stitched bead glistens and gleams near candlelight.

You can purchase the Handmade Bead Hanukkah Table Runner by Enlivenstores on Etsy for $91. 

Best for Christmas: Coral & Tusk's Christmas Flowers Table Runner

Set the table for a traditional Christmas feast with this beautiful embroidered Christmas Flowers Table Runner by Coral & Tusk. A neutral background allows the bright poinsettias, holly, and white winter berries to pop amid delicately-stitched leaves, and each runner contains about 937,000 stitches. The runner is available in two lengths with add-on matching napkins to complete the set. This luxurious piece, which should only be spot cleaned, is sure to become a family heirloom surrounded by wonderful Christmas memories.

Find the Christmas Flowers Table Runner at Coral & Tusk, starting at $350.