Create A Luxe Looking Jewelry Stand With This Easy Upcycle Hack

As much as we might reuse and recycle items in our kitchens, bathroom recyclables simply end up heading to the dump a lot of the time. However, there are some interesting ways to upcycle these items, particularly toilet paper rolls. Using two toilet paper rolls and a small collection of craft supplies, for example, you can make a stylish jewelry stand.

Crafting and upcycling is a great way to create products for your home without spending an arm and a leg. It also exercises your artistic side that might not get a lot of use in the daily grind. The beauty of building a jewelry holder is that it's a useful item many people don't already own, and yet it's generally kept in the privacy of your bedroom or closet, so if your skills aren't at an expert level yet, it won't be on display for all to see. It's a great starter project beginners can do because it doesn't require anything more than some gluing, some light staining, and some spray painting. Toilet paper rolls are recommended for this craft, but paper towel rolls also work. In addition to the toilet paper rolls, you'll need popsicle sticks, hot glue, spray paint, thin dowel rods, a drill, and a small wooden box from a craft store.

How to make a jewelry stand from toilet paper rolls

To make a jewelry stand, start by applying glue to half of one side of each popsicle stick and adhering that half to the inside of one of your toilet paper rolls, then doing the same directly across the inside of the roll. This will leave half the stick protruding. Once the glue is dried, apply some to the other half of the outside of each stick and press the second toilet paper roll onto it. Some of the glue will seep outside the seam created by the two rolls, and it should be scraped flat and away before it dries. Next, cut down your dowel rods into different lengths — for example, 8 and 10 inches — then cut a slit into the center of each roll and fit the dowel rod inside, gluing the end of the rod and the slit opening to secure it in place. You can look inside the roll to make sure the rod is straight.

Spray paint the rods and rolls. For the wooden box, you can paint it as well or apply your favorite wood stain. After all your components are dry, drill a hole the size of your dowel rod into opposite corners of the bottom of the box. Invert the box so it acts as a pedesta,l and stick the dowel rods through the drilled holes, securing them on the underside of your box pedestal with glue. You're done!