Defeat Gnats Once And For All With The Houseplant Product TikTok Swears By

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The fungus gnats that roam around your kitchen and invade your houseplants can be challenging to scare off. They often find their way inside, especially when you have extremely ripe fruit. While they don't harm humans, gnats enjoy destroying houseplants by laying their eggs in moist soil. When the baby gnats are born, they feed off the plant's roots, killing them slowly. Even though you might try to use pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, essential oils, etc., to get rid of pests, gnats often stick around. However, there is a product that many TikTok users swear by that helps eliminate gnats, which is known as mosquito bits. TikTok user @wild_dusty shows his followers how to properly use the mosquito bits to prevent and get rid of gnats.

The TikToker makes a liquid solution out of mosquito bits and water that he pours into the soil to help protect it. In addition to these ingredients, he also uses a container, strainer, funnel, and empty water bottle. You can purchase the mosquito bits from Amazon for $14.97. Many Amazon customers back up the efficacy of this hack, claiming it helps eliminate gnats and mosquitoes from invading their houseplants without causing harm to the plants.

How to use mosquito bits to defeat fungus gnats

Once you've gathered your materials, find a spot to make your concoction, preferably a workspace with a flat surface. In @wild_dusty's TikTok video, he fills the container with 32 oz of room-temperature water and mixes in 1 tablespoon of mosquito bits. Once everything is combined, he lets the mosquito bits soak for five minutes. He states, "The water will soak the active ingredients out of them [mosquito bits]." The next step is to remove the mosquito bits with a strainer since you don't need to use the physical bits in the houseplant, just the liquid. You can place the granules in a trash bag or paper towel after straining them.

Next, transfer the water from the container to the empty water bottle using a funnel, if necessary for your container of choice. The water will have a slightly light brown tint. Finally, water your plant with the water bottle, ensuring you get every inch of soil wet. Allow for the liquid to drain correctly, and watch the gnats disappear.