Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without An Iron With This Great Laundry Hack

Wrinkly clothing doesn't give the most flattering look, and it can make you appear sloppy and unprofessional. Irons can take a while to heat up, especially if you have an older one. Sometimes, wearing a shirt with wrinkles has to happen when you're running late and you don't have time to pull out your iron and get to work. Further, if you don't own an iron at all, you're probably stuck with lots of wrinkly clothes. Hang-drying your clothes can slightly help the issue, but there's a simple process to follow in order to get them completely wrinkle-free. In Consumer Reports' TikTok, laundry expert Rich Handel shows the best way to prevent wrinkles when drying your clothes instead of relying on an iron.

The technique involves changing the settings you use for your dryer. Washing and drying clothes can be stressful because you want to keep everything in good shape and prevent dealing with shrinkage. Luckily, Handel's advice reduces the temperature setting to protect your garments, as high dryer settings could ruin your clothes and cause wrinkles. However, following this process can take slightly longer for your clothes to fully dry. On the bright side, you'll always be able to get dressed without worrying about ironing, steaming, or using a wrinkle remover spray on any item before any occasion.

Use the minimum dry setting

Getting your clothes wrinkle-free when you're in the middle of doing laundry will save you time instead of ironing or steaming each piece. In Consumer Reports' TikTok, Rich Handel suggests using the minimum dry cycle when you transfer your clothes from the washer to the dryer. Typically, folks will use either the medium or the high setting to make their clothes dry faster. However, high dry settings can wear down or fade your clothes quicker, so it's not always recommended. In addition, constantly using the high heat setting could potentially cause dryer fires, especially if you do multiple loads a day. Using low heat will make your clothes and your appliance last longer, so it's typically the best choice.

Then, Handel says to remove your clothes from the dryer while they're slightly damp. Once you take out your clothes, lay them on a flat surface and smooth out the fabric with your hands, eliminating any wrinkles you notice. Finally, hang the damp clothing to dry on hangers or a line and watch how the material stays smooth. You'll be able to always get dressed without worrying about wrinkles. This technique works for shirts, sweaters, and pants, and it could also save you money, as you won't have to buy an iron and ironing board. Try it out on your next laundry day and admire all your wrinkle-free garments.