An Old Egg Carton Will Change The Way You Organize Your Fridge

Organizational supplies always look so useful in the store, and they often are. But sometimes we get our new bins and dividers home and they wind up not actually fixing our organization challenges. Sometimes they even end up causing more clutter than they were meant to rein in. Rather than spend more and more money on organizing solutions for your home, try repurposing the items you already have into creative storage solutions. One inventive TikTok offers a new use for your old egg carton that helpfully keeps all your refrigerated condiment bottles in place.

Condiments frequently get mislaid and misplaced in the fridge and around the kitchen. How many times do you buy a new bottle of mustard only to find that there are already two other bottles at home? Well with this clever solution, all those bottles will be kept in one place — easy to find and easy to put away — without having to buy any more bins.

Turn an egg carton into a storage container

Egg cartons are uniquely designed containers, but are surprisingly often only used to store eggs. Fresh eggs, hard-boiled, and even Easter eggs get kept in egg cartons at various points in time, but the egg carton is much more versatile than we give it credit for. And it makes a great container for inverted bottles.

Remove the top section of the carton to recycle or perhaps to use in another capacity. You will only need the egg-formed section for this storage solution. Place this section on the door of your fridge on one of the provided shelves. These shelves are often designed for eggs or egg containers, so they should fit perfectly. Once you have it fit into its new space, take your condiment bottles and turn them upside-down. The particular egg-shaped form of the carton provides a surprisingly secure fit for bottle caps. The round shape of the cap sits snugly in the egg shape and is then held there by the pressure of the carton holding its shape. Now not only have you got a convenient place to keep your condiment bottles, but you're also storing them in a way that facilitates the condiment's use. It's a win-win.