Clean Your Toilet Bowl With This Clever Ice Cube Tray Hack

Cleaning the toilet is often seen as one of the most unpleasant and dreaded chores. Frankly, the mere idea of scrubbing away dirt, grime, and bacteria in the porcelain bowl is incredibly unappealing. And the off-putting smell and unattractive stains only make matters worse. However, despite the general aversion most of us feel towards toilet cleaning, it remains a crucial part of any hygienic bathroom. 

Nowadays, though, more and more people are ditching harsh chemical toilet bowl cleaners and creating their own with a clever hack using an ice cube tray. Traditional toilet cleaners often use harsh chemicals and hazardous substances to combat stains and grime. While these cleaners may be effective, they can also present safety risks, especially if misused or mixed with other cleaning agents. 

However, there are plenty of substitutes for toilet cleaners that are remarkably effective. One trending DIY hack combines everyday household items like baking soda, lemon juice or citric acid, and dish soap. By freezing this mixture in an ice cube tray, these natural, pre-made squares can be easily utilized to clean and refresh the toilet bowl, providing an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning solution.

A cool approach to toilet cleaning

To make your own DIY cleaning solution, simply mix one cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of lemon juice or citric acid, and a generous amount of dish soap together. Stir the ingredients until they form a thick paste. Next, transfer the mixture into an ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight.  Alternatively, the cubes can harden in the tray at room temperature for approximately 8 to 10 hours or overnight, according to Gya Labs. Once the cleaning cubes are set, they are ready to be removed and used. 

Refined Living (@refinedliving), a TikTok creator, suggests placing the cubes flat in a container. While they may become delicate, they will not revert to a liquid state if kept outside the freezer. To ensure safety, though, it's crucial to properly label the DIY toilet bombs and store them in a secure place, away from any risk of accidental consumption.

When it's time to clean your toilet bowl, simply grab one of the pre-made cleaning cubes and drop it in. The cube will start to dissolve, releasing its cleaning ingredients and fresh scent. With the cube in the bowl, scrub away the stains and grime using a toilet brush. The combination of the cleaning solution and the physical scrubbing action will help to remove residue and leave your toilet bowl clean and fresh.