Use This Chopstick Hack To Optimize The Space In Your Fridge

If you've ever planned, prepped, and cooked a feast of foods only to find there's nowhere in your fridge to put them, you're not alone. This frustrating issue crops up time and time again, but did you know that all you need to maximize the space in your fridge is a pair of chopsticks? Not just for eating delicious food with, the common utensils are also ideal for assisting you in stacking any crockery without lids.

Rather than causing chaos in your fridge, this space-saving trick will give you more room to store containers. This makes it an ideal hack to keep in mind for when you're hosting a dinner party or a large event like Thanksgiving — nobody wants to eat food that hasn't been stored properly. Get looking for those chopsticks, because once you've learned this hack you won't ever go back to struggling to find space in your fridge for that dish again.

This hack will maximize your fridge storage space

To pull off this chopstick hack, all you need to do is cover an open container with foil and then lay a pair of chopsticks across the top at either side. This will give you a surface of sorts, on which you can stack another container without worrying about it tearing the foil on the bottom container. You'll then have more space in your fridge, as you're stacking upward rather than slotting things in side to side. 

This is also a solid way to stack containers of different sizes and weights on top of each other. For example, if you're storing salad in one box and pasta in another, the heavier pasta can be placed on top without ruining the lightweight salad underneath. You can also place smaller items on top of larger ones with this hack without them breaking through the foil and falling down into the other container. This hack will also help you organize your fridge, as it will provide you with more vertical space to store items. If you don't have any spare chopsticks lying around, it's worth investing in a few pairs for instances like this, or simply keep and wash the leftover chopsticks when ordering takeout food.