The Common Household Cleaner That Doubles As An Instant Mosquito Killer

Constantly swatting away mosquitoes when you're trying to relax can be frustrating, but luckily there's a simple solution that will let you say bye to these bothersome bugs. Rather than investing in heaps of insect and pest repellents, reach for the Windex. The cleaning staple is traditionally used to make windows shine, but one surprising way you can use Windex is to kill mosquitoes. It's normal to feel skeptical that such a common household cleaning product is able to eradicate these insects, but it has surprisingly been proven effective. 

Much easier than setting traps, Windex does indeed kill mosquitoes, and it doesn't take very much effort, either. If you find they're taking over your home and your garden, you may be tempted to bid good riddance to every single mosquito. However, before you start spraying these insects with the window cleaner expeditiously, they do have their benefits. According to the journal BMC Ecology and Evolution, certain species of mosquitoes act as pollinators. Therefore, if you're a keen gardener, it may be best to leave them be when they're in your garden space.

Reach for this cleaning spray when you've had enough of mosquitoes

Still, if you want to rid yourself of mosquitoes (including in your yard), all you need to do is shake the bottle and spray some Windex at them. ExtermPro notes that Windex will kill mosquitoes within a few moments of contact. This is also an effective method for other small insects like ants.

Windex also works to get rid of another common pest, wasps. Wasps are stronger than many of its stinging counterparts, so you may need to spray more than once to get these insects to fall out of the air, and you may need to dispose of the bug afterward, as it might not actually be dead. Whether you're spraying a wasp or a mosquito, keep your distance, as you don't want to get a nasty sting when the insects realize they're being attacked.

Additionally, remember that Windex is made from chemicals, so it's key that you clean up the excess to keep your home free from potential harm, as it can be toxic to people and other animals if ingested. If you don't want to directly spray the mosquitoes, spritz some Windex in areas where they usually gather and then clean it up once they have been killed. Note that this tip is not a solution to an infestation, for which you'll need pest control or a more specialized product. It is, however, a simple and quick fix if you find yourself becoming bothered by the constant swarming of mosquitoes.