Joanna Gaines Has A Simple Trick For Elevating Boring Doors Around The House

Boring doors have the power to detract from an otherwise well-thought-out space, but the good news is there is a simple trick to incorporate them into it. As demonstrated by HGTV's Joanna Gaines, even the most boring door in the house can become a fun focal point. Giving a door a fresh coat of paint in an interesting color can do wonders to make any space feel more personal — something Gaines, herself, has spoken about on several occasions. 

While Gaines has typically advocated sprucing up your front door, the same goes for those inside the house. As she demonstrated in an episode of "Mini Reni," even your most functional, least exciting door can become more intentional-looking, if not a point of interest in its own right. No, that doesn't mean days on end dedicated to the DIY fix. All it takes is enough time for your paint to dry. However, what makes this hack truly elevated is that it's not just slapping some paint on the door and calling it a day. You'll also need some trim. However, that's about as complicated as this one gets. 

Attach the trim, then paint in a coordinating color

In a clip from "Mini Reni" shared to TikTok, Joanna Gaines shared her secret to transforming a door when completely replacing it wasn't an option. Pointing to the originally all-white, flat door, she explained, "[We] just added a little bit of trim here, so when we paint it, it has a little bit of dimension." It really is as simple as that!

To try this hack in your own home, start off by picking a trim that speaks to you. Amazon has countless self-adhesive options, from simple, clean lines, to more playful designs – generally for under $40. Once you've settled on the trim, stick it to the door, and pick your paint color. Gaines opted for a dark gray that matched the ceiling and complimented the moody trimmings, so follow her lead and pay attention to the rest of the room. After all, the goal is to help things look more put-together and intentional. 

As for the best type of paint finish to use, that decision comes down to a little more than preference. Some paints are easier to clean than others, so even if you prefer a matte look, you may need to compromise a little with a satin finish. Other than that and choosing your trim, however, that's all this hack takes. Focal point doors, here we come!