The Easiest DIY Paint Projects That Take Less Than An Hour

Taking on a DIY project is a fun way to spruce up your home while creatively expressing yourself! It's also a fantastic way to upgrade your home without spending too much money. One of the most accessible and popular ways to spruce up your interior is with a DIY paint project, explains HGTV. Armed with just a bucket of paint and a brush, you can transform many elements within your home and bring new life to items you already have on hand.

These types of projects are also the perfect time to use up leftover paint from other projects. That way, you're using your existing resources, saving money, and improving your home. Some other supplies you might need are spray paint, painter's tape, sandpaper, a stir stick, and a drop cloth to protect your floors from spills or drips of paint. In addition, remember that it's essential to protect yourself while doing any DIY projects. Paint can give off harmful fumes, so you should always paint your projects outside. If this isn't possible due to weather or space, you should choose a location where there's good airflow or a window you can open, suggests Poison Control.

Small paint projects

The first thing people see when they arrive at your home is the front door — it's how your home makes its first impression. Over time, the paint will begin to deteriorate and fade, or you might simply get bored with the same color. Painting your front door is a great way to spice up the look of your home, and it takes no time at all. The same goes for other doors within your home. For example, your children might love to have a brightly colored door to their bedroom.

There is a lot of information about how to repaint kitchen cabinets, but they don't often recommend painting the inside of your cabinets, notes Clare. However, whether you paint them a true white to brighten the space or a fun color, painting the inside of your cabinets is easy and will transform how your kitchen looks as you open and close the doors throughout the day. If you have an all-white kitchen, this could be the perfect way to add a bit of color without committing to it in a more obvious way.

Decor paint projects

If you walk through any furniture store, you'll see large contemporary paintings that bring a sense of class to a space. Unfortunately, most art is typically very expensive. As an alternative, you could try making your own abstract art for the home. This will not only save you a ton of money, but it's a lot of fun too! Wait for a sale at your local art store, then purchase a large canvas. Choose colors that suit your space and a few large paint brushes. Then use a drop cloth on the floor to protect it from slips and splatters and have a blast.

Do you have a dinosaur-obsessed kid? Head to a thrift or dollar store and find cheap toys that are all about the same size. Once home, you can use a can of spray paint to paint them all one color then use some string to tie them together, suggests HGTV. Now you have a colorful themed garland to use as decoration in their room. Another surprisingly expensive decor item is picture frames. However, with a bit of paint and time, you can give new life to old frames you already own or cheap ones that can be found at the thrift store.

Furniture paint projects

If you have old furniture in your home, you might be planning to sell it to buy a piece you like better. Alternatively, why not have some fun transforming it with a more modern look, suggests Clare. Be sure to sand the furniture before you paint to ensure the paint will stick. This is a messy process, and you'll likely need to move it into the garage or outside to prevent creating a mess.

Repainting a whole dresser can take some time, and you may not have enough paint or patience to complete that project. Instead, try the dip paint technique. Painting just the bottom section of the legs of a chair or table can give it a mid-century modern look and add just enough color to make it pop.

It's common to find old outdoor furniture at the end of someone's driveway with a free sign. While it might look worn out, with a fresh coat of paint, you've got yourself an affordable new outdoor set. If you can wait for the right piece, bamboo furniture looks excellent, while painted wicker and metal items work well, too (via HGTV).