The Bathroom Essential That Can Remove Tough Laundry Stains In A Pinch

Stains of any kind can be extremely annoying, especially when they're visible on lighter clothing and prevent you from wearing the item. Sometimes, throwing things in the machine just doesn't cut it, which is where the following handy bathroom staple comes in — toothpaste. Not just for leaving your teeth sparkling clean, this toothpaste hack is a handy alternative to buying expensive stain removers. Amongst the stains this essential item can remove are grass, ink, and makeup (primarily lipstick).

That pink smudge on a t-shirt when you've lifted it over your head or the greenish patch on your knee from sitting in the grass are not only unsightly, but difficult to get out. Of course, there are tons of products that promise to vanish marks from your clothes, but, as mentioned, they can quickly add up. Plus, toothpaste is something you (hopefully) always have in your home, meaning you can use it when you're in a pinch. The next time you notice an unsightly stain, all you need to do is reach for a tube of the minty stuff.

This hack barely takes any time but will get your clothes looking new again

You'll need to use the toothpaste before you put the stained items in the washing machine. For ink and lipstick stains, you just need to add enough to cover the stain, work it into the mark, and then rinse off all remaining paste with warm water. Then, wash the item on the cycle you usually would — it should emerge stain-free. Removing grass stains from clothing is a little tougher, and for best results you'll also need a toothbrush (preferably a spare one). 

Using a tiny amount of toothpaste, work it into the stain using a wet brush until the mark has disappeared or significantly faded, then wash as usual. You may need to repeat the process if it's a particularly stubborn stain. This hack is straightforward, but note that it will only work with a paste rather than a gel type toothpaste. Additionally, it's important that you remove all remaining paste from your clothing item before putting it in the laundry, otherwise you could be left with residue that's tricky to get out.