The Easiest Way To Add Updated Charm To Your IKEA Roman Shades

When decorating your home, buying new furniture or décor can be expensive. However, sometimes you don't have to spend your money on new things. Giving the items you have at home a little upgrade with a new coat of the paint you already have in your garage or finding new places to use contact paper will spruce up your interior. Small decorative changes done on a budget will still make a massive difference in your home's ambiance. For example, if you bought IKEA's popular Roman shades, you know they can make a room look plain. However, covering them with stylish patterned fabric can make them more attractive.

TikTok user @champagne.chaos covered her IKEA Roman shade with a gorgeous, neutral-striped fabric that elevated the mundane white look to a beautiful beige style. For this project, you'll need the IKEA RINGBLOMMA Roman Blind, the fabric of your choosing, peel-and-stick tape, small round magnets, a hot glue gun, spray tack adhesive, and scissors. The IKEA shade comes in many different sizes, so pick a slightly larger fabric than your shade's measurements. However, you can also recreate her DIY with any shades you already have on hand. This is an affordable way to make your own Roman shades for a more personalized look. Another benefit? There's no sewing or ironing required, so anyone could complete it. 

Attaching fabric to your Roman shades

Begin by laying out the fabric and Roman shade on top of each other on the floor or a flat table. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the shade, leaving about 2 inches along the edges. Then, hot glue magnets on top of the magnets that are already inside the shade so that you can fold it up painlessly. Each pleat will have two magnets glued on either side. Next, spray the backside of the fabric and the Roman shade with the spray tack adhesive and attach them together.

Once the fabrics are glued together, flip it to the other side so the shade is visible. At the top of the fabric, cut two holes where the hooks are with scissors, apply the peel-and-stick tape along the top, and fold over the fabric flap to stick it to the tape. Repeat this step on the other three edges, applying the tape and folding over the fabric. Hot glue additional magnets onto the back where the other ones are located, then fold the fabric to create creases in the new material. Finally, hang up your new shades and pat yourself on the back for the hard work. Keep in mind that the TikToker decided to use curtains instead, as she didn't like the way these shades felt in her dining room. To avoid making the same mistake, choose a fabric that creates the right vibe in your home.