Drill Perfectly Straight Holes Every Time With This Must-Try CD Trick

Drilling straight holes is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that the hole is aligned correctly with the intended target, such as when installing screws or bolts. This helps to maintain the structural integrity of the object being drilled into. Secondly, straight holes are aesthetically pleasing, especially when working on visible surfaces. Crooked or misaligned holes can be unsightly and diminish the overall quality of the finished product. Finally, straight holes make it easier to insert and secure fasteners, reducing the risk of damage or accidents.

For the inexperienced home DIYer or perhaps someone with an unsteady hand, drilling a perfectly straight hole can take practice, focus, and sometimes several attempts in order to get it right. While there are many tools you can find at Home Depot or your local hardware store in order to assist you in your drilling endeavors, you likely already have an excellent and affordable tool laying around your home. Dig through the back of your closet or the center console of your car for that long forgotten mix CD and start storing it in your toolbox instead as it will suddenly serve a new purpose in its nearly extinguished life.

How to use a CD to drill a straight hole

To use a CD to drill a perfectly straight hole, start by marking the desired location of the hole on the wall or board using a pencil or marker. Place the CD over the marked spot, ensuring that the center hole of the CD aligns with the marked spot. Hold the CD firmly against the surface, making sure it doesn't move. Insert the drill bit through the center hole of the CD and start drilling at a slow speed. Maintain a steady hand and apply gentle pressure as you drill through the surface. Continue drilling until the desired depth is reached. Once the hole is complete, remove the CD and clean any debris or dust from the surface.

Using a CD to drill a straight hole works well because of its circular shape and the central hole. The CD acts as a guide, ensuring that the drill bit remains aligned with the marked spot. The circular shape of the CD helps to maintain a consistent angle while drilling, reducing the chances of the drill bit veering off course. Additionally, the CD's smooth surface reduces friction, making it easier to glide the drill bit through the material. At the same time, the reflective nature of the CD also makes it easier to tell if the bit is angled or perfectly straight, allowing you to correct the bit before beginning to drill.