Turn A Common Kitchen Item Into An Iron With This Brilliant TikTok Hack

Are you feeling less inclined to pick up your iron these days? Some argue that Millennials may have started the decline in ironing, but it seems Gen Z isn't much different. However, even if you forego purchasing a traditional iron, the need for wrinkle-free clothes remains. So, when faced with a clothing emergency, you can try this clever TikTok hack — use a pot of boiling water as a makeshift iron.

In a pinch, using a hot pan of boiling water can double as an impromptu iron. And for an extra boost, you can even apply a light mist of starch to your garment before removing the wrinkles with the pot of water. While this unconventional ironing technique may not yield the same pristine, polished results you would receive from a professional cleaner, it's certainly better than nothing. Could this trending TikTok ironing hack soon replace traditional irons? We'll let you be the judge.

Wrinkle-free with a twist

One popular TikTok creator, @that40yearguy, demonstrates how to use a boiling pot of water as an alternative to an iron. He begins by heating water on the stove until it reaches a vigorous boil. Then, he carefully glides the flat underside of the pot over a wrinkled shirt, effortlessly smoothing out the creases. Alternatively, Lifehacker suggests the idea of emptying the water from the pot before utilizing it as an iron. This simple and convenient hack proves helpful, particularly during vacations or when an iron is not readily accessible.

When using the boiling water iron hack, it is crucial to exercise extreme caution, just as you would with a traditional iron. To ensure your safety, do not overfill the saucepan, and wear heat-protective mitts or gloves to prevent accidental mishaps and burns. Before utilizing the pot as an impromptu iron, it is important to thoroughly inspect and clean the bottom surface to remove any grease. Additionally, you can place a tea towel between the pan and the garment for added protection.