TikTok's Genius Soap Dispenser Hack Saves You Major Time On Refills

According to The Sun, kitchen chores can swallow up to an hour of our time on a daily basis, with tasks such as emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the countertops often a staple of our routines. However, these chores also consist of smaller, habitual tasks, such as swapping out and refilling our soap dispensers as soon as they empty. If you're fed up with feeling like you're constantly having to change out your soap, then a TikTok hack by @apieceofmyglamhome could help to solve your woes (providing you have the right facilities, like the one above). 

If you have a soap dispenser that leads under the sink, all you need to do is replace it with a larger bottle of soap, giving you an almost limitless supply that will last much longer than a small bottle. As a result, you should spend considerably less time refilling your dispenser, an easy yet pesky side-task for many of us when whirling around our kitchen. Even better, your soap should last longer. So, how can you achieve this nifty trick in your own kitchen? While you'll need some thrifty items at your disposal, you should be able to nail it down in no time.

You'll need a tube extension

To create your own dream soap dispenser, all you'll need is a dispenser tube extension that reaches the bottom of the cabinet directly under your sink and a large bottle of soap. Or you could also make your own DIY soap if you prefer. You may need to take measurements, which will help to pull the whole system together. Next, simply feed your extension tube down into the under-sink area and insert it into your soap bottle, which should sit comfortably at the bottom of the cabinet. 

Make sure everything is nice and secure before attaching it to your soap pump. You can test it by pumping the dispenser a few times when you screw it back in. Of course, this works so well because the extension tube allows you access to a much larger amount of soap rather than limiting you to a smaller, pre-built bottle. 

As a result, you'll get access to the product for much longer without having to spend a few minutes changing it while you're going about your daily tasks. Likewise, to prevent excess waste, you could instead purchase refills, which you can easily find online or in-store. However, you should always ensure that everything is secure before using it, as you don't want any soap leaks in the depths of your cabinet.