Making Foam Soap At Home Is Easier Than You'd Think

Are you tired of purchasing new bottles of foam soap? Instead of paying for a new container each time, you can make it at home for cheap. TikTok account Problem Solved shows how to make this soap by mixing your favorite cleanser with water. It works since foam soap is simply diluted soap. What really makes the consistency change is the type of container that it's in. You need a dispenser that will infuse air into the soap when you pump it into your hands.

You may think that adding water to the soap will make it less effective, but this isn't true. Cleancult explains that foaming hand soap is just as good as an undiluted cleanser at washing away dirt and germs. Foam soap also has a thicker texture that feels soft on the hands. By using this hack, you can add luxury to your home without breaking the bank.

How to make your own foam soap

Making foam soap at home is so easy; it'll only take a few minutes. You only need ordinary soap, water, and a foaming soap dispenser. The recipe is also customizable, so you can use your favorite cleanser. To get the most savings from this hack, purchase the large refill bottles. They may cost more upfront, but they will save you money overall since they last longer than buying individual bottles.

You also need to choose a suitable dispenser. It has to be labeled for use with foam soap for this hack to work. You can wash and save an old bottle or purchase a new one that fits the decor in your home. Start by unscrewing the pump. Then pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of soap into it, depending on the dispenser's size. Lastly, fill the rest of the bottle with clean water and shake it to mix the solution. Tap will work just fine, but you can also use distilled. It's as simple as that! Now you've upgraded your cleansing experience with a luxurious, rich foam soap.

Foam soap is better for your wallet and the environment

Many benefits come with switching to foam soap. The biggest one is that it saves you money. You won't have to buy new soap as frequently because you have a large refill bottle to go through before it's time to buy more. Plus, it will take even longer to use it all up because you're diluting it, and the recipe only calls for up to 3 to 4 tablespoons of cleanser. Since more water is added, you won't need to moisten your hands before lathering the foam. This can reduce the amount of water used by up to 45 percent. Who wouldn't want to save money on their water bill?

Using foam soap is also better for the environment. Buying regular cleansers in bulk reduces the amount of packaging that will later end up in the trash. Diluting the soap also makes it more biodegradable. It breaks down faster than liquid soap because of the air pumped into it. Plus, less cleanser goes down your drain.