How To Make The Hot Water Last Longer During Your TikTok-Inspired 'Everything Shower'

As usual, TikTok has given a name to a common self-care ritual, and it has gotten everyone talking. The "everything shower" refers to a shower where you're able to include everything in your maintenance routine like washing your hair, shaving, and exfoliating. Because these things aren't always lined up to happen at the same time and are often done on different days, the everything shower can take a lot of time. It also requires lots of hot water, which is why you need to make sure it doesn't run out. The main way to do this is to have a professional check on all the parts of your water system, as it may not be functioning as efficiently as it could be.

Another hack is to use a low-flow showerhead because it lets out less water, helping to conserve what you have. Alternatively, you can invest in a DIY rocket heater which provides you with endless hot water without any electricity. Also try coordinating your house activities accordingly. Don't take your shower after or while the dishwasher or washing machine is running or while someone else in your house is showering in another bathroom. This makes it so the hot water isn't circulated out to different areas of the house the same time. However, before you try any of these methods, call a plumber.

What a professional will do and another way to conserve hot water

If you run out of hot water quickly, bring in a plumber to check the water heater, pipes, and tank or the HVAC system/boiler. They might not be functioning as they should and might need to be fixed or replaced. You might also need to change the temperature setting on your water heater. By turning it down a bit, you can make the hot water last longer. Further, insulating your pipes could also help your water stay hot as it travels to your shower. You could either do this yourself or have a professional take care of it for you.

It also helps to take breaks during the shower instead of leaving the water running nonstop by trying what's called the "navy shower". A great way to conserve water and energy, this method involves turning off the water when you lather your hair and body and turning it back on to rinse. This can also look like doing some steps of your everything shower routine before actually getting into the shower. Apply any cleansing oil, hair mask, conditioner wash, or shaving cream that needs some time to sit and only start the shower when everything is ready to be washed off.