The Hack That'll Keep Cords In Order In Your Kitchen

If you value elegance and simplicity, there's a pretty good chance that there's some spot in your house – probably in your kitchen – where a tangled mess of wires makes you a little anxious. And, if you value elegance and simplicity, there might be no better solution for you than TikTok creator @littlefarmhouseontaylor's idea for a kitchen counter charging station. Her hidden charging station completely hides the cords and devices being charged, looks completely at home on a kitchen counter, and can be accomplished without buying anything at all.

Katelyn, who made the post, simply plugs in a couple of devices, sticks them in a small wicker basket, and disguises the cables and devices with a decorative combo of a cutting board, small potted plant, and draped tea towel. Of course, the particular elements can be whatever you have on hand, so long as they do the job. You just need something appropriate that will block the cables (and maybe devices) from a casual glance at most angles. The genius detail of this hack is the fold-down three-outlet adapter. A Hyper Tough 3 Outlet White Swivel Adapter can be found at Walmart for $4.96. It helps her keep cables angled downward and out of sight — perfect for a low-profile charging station.

How to apply this hack to your kitchen

This hack is largely about the size of the cords and devices being hidden and the objects that do the hiding. However, the size of your camouflage will also have to take into account the height of your electrical outlets. The outlet adapter Katelyn uses is optional, but if you try it, make sure your adapter accepts three prongs if you're hiding a three-prong plug.

To hide a device that stays plugged in, use covering elements that match its size. But if you plan to use your stylish charging station for various items, you'll probably want to use something bigger to camouflage your stuff. If the device doesn't need to be hidden but the cords do (say, a stand mixer), just be sure that whatever you're disguising the cords with doesn't get in the way. You don't want to prevent the use of an appliance or put something heat-sensitive right next to a toaster oven.