Remove Ink Stains From Your Dryer With A Handy Household Essential

If you have ever left a pen in your pocket and thought nothing of it, only to see several ink stains left imprinted on your dryer when you open the door, you'll know how annoying it can be. Though they won't cause major damage to your dryer, ink stains could transfer onto your clothes, turning the whitest top into a murky gray color. There's no need to start frantically scrubbing at the stain with everything you've got, though. You only need one product to get rid of pesky ink stains — rubbing alcohol.

Often kept in the first aid cupboard for sanitizing purposes, rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) has benefits other than being a powerful cleaning agent, so it's definitely worth keeping a bottle in your house for situations of both the medical and the cleaning kind. Below is all you need to know about this super handy hack that will have you saying goodbye to ink stains once and for all.

Never worry about ink stains ruining your dryer again

As well as rubbing alcohol, you'll need water and a cloth/sponge for this hack. Pour a little bit of the alcohol onto the cloth/sponge and scrub firmly at the ink stains. Be sure you're constantly turning the cloth so the alcohol is applied to a clean base. Once the stains are no longer visible, use a new cloth dampened with water to wipe away any excess isopropyl. You may also want to use some alcohol on the outside of the drum if ink stains are additionally visible in this area.

Though alcohol is a main ingredient in hand sanitizers, it's best to buy a bottle of pure rubbing alcohol instead, as sanitizers usually have other ingredients mixed in that may not work as well as solely isopropyl. Moreover, it's essential to keep the door of your dryer open afterward so the strong smell can naturally dissipate. Aside from these small caveats, this hack is a simple way to remove annoying ink stains from your dryer.