The Best Dyson Vacuums That Are Worth Every Penny

Vacuums are a part of the standard cleaning arsenal. Buying the right one makes getting a dust-free home that much more satisfying, and Dyson is an in-demand brand for this job. In fact, Dyson was a top contender in the House Digest survey for the most popular brand of vacuum. James Dyson, the brains behind the UK company, started the business when he designed the first bagless vacuum in 1983. Now, the global brand has more than just vacuums in its portfolio but also sells hair dryers, fans, heaters, and air purifiers. Its engineers are continually developing the technology. In fact, Dyson has a robot vacuum in development, and its first-of-its-kind V15 model with mopping capabilities is fresh to the market as well. 

With so many Dyson vacuums to choose from, it can be intimidating to pick just one. It is not just a cleaning tool, but an investment. The best vacuums are easy to use, simple to maintain, and have the ability to clean many different types of floors. Further, when choosing the ideal appliance, you should think about your own needs and wants. Do you desire something with extra suction? Would a cordless model make this dreaded chore easier? No matter the reason why you're searching for a new vacuum, we're here to narrow down the best products in Dyson's collection.

How we selected products

To curate this list of worthwhile Dyson vacuums, we vetted all of the brand's available models. We analyzed and compared features, prices, client ratings, and reviews. It boiled down to five products — the overall winner, the go-to for cleaning on a budget, the ideal choice when the price isn't much of a concern, the best cordless option, and the leading model of the upright versions.

Each appliance had to be easy to use while able to clean various surfaces, satisfy customers, and perform worthy of its price — especially considering how much it will cost to repair your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Appliances with short run times and features that users found superfluous did not make the cut. Keep in mind that some of the most popular designs are out of stock on the Dyson site but still available at verified retailers like Walmart. Whether you need a quick run or are deep cleaning, there is a model fit for combating your mess.

Best overall: Dyson's V8 Absolute

Cordless, lightweight, durable, and quiet — that's what you get with Dyson's V8 Absolute. This vacuum is designed to trap hair without tangling in the brush head. It sucks up microscopic particles too fine for the naked eye, and there's a MAX mode for stronger suction, though using this setting will shorten the available run time. A full charge battery delivers 40 minutes of nonstop cleaning. The vacuum easily transforms into a handheld appliance that's ideal for cleaning the car and couch. The V8 Absolute comes with a Fluffy cleaner head for hardwood floors, a Motorbar cleaning head for carpet, a crevice tool for narrow areas, a combination tool for double the power, and a hair screw tool for picking up long strands.

Dyson's V8 Absolute is available on its website, regularly sold for $519.99.

Best budget: Dyson's Ball Multi Floor Origin

The Ball Multi Floor Origin tackles dirt on every surface, as the vacuum head self-adjusts, so the transition from kitchen tile to living room carpet will be smooth and powerful. Dyson's signature ball design lets you easily maneuver around furniture and corners. Along with the vacuum, you'll get two extra cleaning heads for suctioning dirt on stairs and hard-to-reach areas. The Ball Multi Floor Origin is one of the heavier Dyson models, weighing a little over 17 pounds, and it's corded. However, there is a detachable wand that's perfect for getting under couches and on top of bookcases.

Purchase Dyson's Ball Multi Floor Origin at Walmart for $289.89.

Best splurge: Dyson's Gen5outsize Absolute

One of Dyson's latest models is the Gen5outsize Absolute. It has the most powerful suction out of all its cordless vacuums. The appliance comes with two vacuum heads and three nozzles for handheld function. Plus, you'll get an extra battery for a total cleaning time of 140 minutes. And, its large bin is big enough to house all that vacuumed dirt. The Gen5outsize Absolute has HEPA filtration to collect all the fine particles, and its display screen and illuminating light show you just how much dirt you're trapping. Customers like how quiet this vacuum is as well.

For $1,049.99, you can get Dyson's Gen5outsize Absolute on its website.

Best cordless: Dyson's V12 Detect Slim Absolute

At just over 5 pounds, the V12 Detect Slim Absolute is the lightest of Dyson's cordless models. It comes with two vacuum heads, and you can detach the wand to transform the cordless model into a portable vacuum. Then, optimize your cleaning by choosing from three nozzle tools for the handheld configuration. It has HEPA filtration, a push-to-start function, and a light to illuminate debris on the floor. To top off the technological features, it has a screen to display how much dirt was collected. You get an hour of run-time off of each full charge.

Purchase Dyson's V12 Detect Slim Absolute on its website, regularly $649.99.

Best upright: Dyson's Ball Animal Total Clean

If power is what you need in a vacuum, look no further. The Ball Animal Total Clean has the strongest suction out of the entire Dyson lineup. A dusting brush, hard floor tool, combination tool, reach-under tool, stair tool, mattress tool, tangle-free turbine brush, and multi-angle brush are all included. This model is the best for deep cleaning. Its cord means unlimited run time and it works for every surface. Like all upright vacuums, it is a little heavy, as it weighs over 17 pounds. However, with the long-reach detachable wand, you can tackle several jobs without having to lug the whole appliance around.

Get Dyson's Ball Animal Total Clean on its website for $599.99.