Add Unique Charm To Your Garden With One Of Martha Stewart's Favorite Plants

Martha Stewart knows a thing or several about gardening. Since she was a child, Stewart enjoyed gardening and took pride in working the soil. Over the years, she's had many gardens and countless plants, so her opinions are worth noting, and her ideas are worth trying in your home. You can add a unique charm to your garden with one of Martha Stewart's favorite plants, the sago palm. Grand in appearance, the sago palm is a large and leafy tropical plant that adds drama to a landscape.

Stewart has many sago palms and considers them "rewarding to grow." She also appreciates their showy appearance and longevity. This ancient plant thrives in subtropical and tropical regions and as a house plant. It's drought-resistant and easy to grow, so it's no wonder Stewart loves them. The beginner-friendly plant is flashy yet simple, so you can have an impressive garden no matter your skill level.

Caring for a sago palm

Gardeners have used sago palms in a variety of landscape styles. They look at home in a Mediterranean display and blend well with desert cacti and tropical plants. Once you've decided to incorporate a sago palm into your garden, you get the excitement of planning where you'll plant it. The sago palm is a hearty plant with few requirements.

They grow best in partial sun, so try to pick a place that receives direct sunlight some of the time. They're also susceptible to wind damage, so aim for a spot with some coverage. Plant your palm in well-draining soil to prevent root rot and fungus. The sago palm doesn't need much water. Keep this in mind if you intend to add companion plants. They should have similar soil, light, and water requirements.

It's easy to see why Martha Stewart likes this prehistoric plant. Dramatic and bold, yet beginner-friendly, the sago palm is a great choice for creating a striking display. So, take a page from Martha's book, or rather, a plant from her garden, and plant a delightful sago palm.