Remove Stuck-On Gum From Wooden Floors With A Popular Cleaning Solution

Gum long holds the reputation for adhering to virtually any surface. Whether it finds its way into hair or stubbornly attaches itself to our clothes or shoes, dealing with the resulting mess can be truly frustrating. However, gum's punishing stickiness reaches new heights when it comes to our beloved wooden floors. Although these occurrences may be rare, combating gum's grip on wood floors is anything but easy — unless you have access to a popular cleaning solution – Murphy Oil Soap.

For over a century, Murphy Oil Soap has built a reputation as a reliable and trusted wood cleaning oil. This esteemed product features a unique combination of water, coconut, and plant-based cleaning ingredients, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning. But Murphy Oil Soap does more than enhance the beauty of wooden surfaces — it aids in removing stubborn gum residue too. Combined with a simple frozen technique, the cleaning oil effortlessly eliminates stuck-on gum remnants from hardwood floors, leaving them spotless and refreshed. 

Conquering sticky situations

Dealing with gum on wooden floors requires a two-step approach. First, freeze the gum by placing an ice-filled ziplock bag directly on it. This will cause the gum to solidify and harden, ultimately making it easier to work with. Once the gum freezes, you can try to gently scrape it off the surface using a putty knife. Be sure to take care during this process in order to not inflict any damage to the wood.

After successfully removing the gum, or at least most of it, the next step is applying the Murphy Oil Soap to thoroughly clean the floor. Using just a tiny amount of the trusted cleaning solution will effectively eliminate any residual gum debris. Alternatively, you can opt for convenience by utilizing Murphy Oil Soap Soft Wipes to clean the affected area. Either method will leave the floor clean, refreshed, and free from any gum remnants.

Tips for success

It is best to exercise caution when removing gum from floors and, using other types of oil or cleaning products may damage hardwood floors. To effectively utilize Murphy Oil Soap, the brand recommends diluting the solution before applying it to wooden surfaces. For routine cleaning, dilute ¼ cup of Murphy Oil Soap in 1 gallon of warm water. For more stubborn marks, you can dilute ½ cup of Murphy Oil Soap per gallon of water. Using a clean mop or rag is advisable when applying the solution and removing gum. Afterward, there is no need to rinse the solution from the floor.

It is crucial to address stuck-on gum as quickly as possible rather than delaying the removal process. The longer gum remains on a surface, the more challenging it becomes to remove — even with Murphy Oil Soap. It is always better to take timely action to prevent further complications. And, if you are unsure about the best approach or concerned about potential risks on your floor, it is best to seek professional assistance.