This Appliance Is The Secret Weapon You Need For A Spotless Toilet

Many homeowners are looking for non-toxic ways to clean their homes. With forever chemicals, you run the risk of further contaminating water sources. Plus, you have nasty chemical residue inside your home. But a toilet harbors germs and bacteria and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. The best way to clean your toilet while avoiding these toxins is with a steam cleaner. You can use it to remove dirt and grime from every part of your toilet and all you need is some distilled water. It's that simple! No harsh chemicals are required and you only have to make one investment on a steam cleaner that fits your budget. 

Another upside of this hack is that you can also use your steam cleaner to disinfect the rest of your bathroom. Steam cleaners can reach 245 degrees Fahrenheit. When your steamer gets to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, it kills upward of 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria. So if you're ready to blast through your cleaning schedule, while saving time and money, check out this incredible hack.

Start steaming your toilet

According to this amazing TikTok hack, @donebyamanda uses nothing more than a steam cleaner to remove all kinds of dirt and grime from a toilet, and the before and after results are incredible. You can purchase a small handheld steam cleaner or you can buy a larger one that can also clean floors. Start at the top of the toilet and work your way down, pushing all dirt and grime to the base of your toilet seat. Once your toilet lid and seat are clean, begin steaming beneath them. Be sure to focus on where your toilet seat connects to the rim, as hidden germs are lurking in these cracks and crevices.

As you focus your stream, aim it inwards so all residue goes into your toilet. You can give everything a quick wipe-down to remove excess water, but you'll have a clean toilet without expending any elbow grease. You can even use your steam cleaner to remove gunk from the base of your toilet. If you purchase a steamer/mop combo you can even steam your floors when you're done with your toilet! 

Add some vinegar

Although you can easily steam clean your toilet with this awesome hack, you may find that some viruses and germs are left behind. To make sure you are giving your bathroom a deep clean, you can combine white vinegar with your steam cleaner. This can help to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. All you have to do is add some white vinegar to a spray bottle and spritz your toilet before steam cleaning it. The steam will remove any grime loosened by the vinegar, and you can spray your toilet with vinegar again after you've steamed it, wiping it clean. 

Remember to only use distilled water in your steam cleaner. Otherwise, you can clog it with the minerals found in tap water. You should also avoid filling it all the way to the top, as this can affect how well it works and may also cause it to overheat, compromising the quality of your device. Once your steam cleaner is filled with the appropriate amount of distilled water, grab your vinegar, and get ready for a spotless toilet.