The Bedroom Staple That Makes The Perfect Tablecloth That Won't Slip In A Pinch

Tablecloths and table linens add a nice touch to both outdoor and indoor gatherings, especially if they have a stylish look. They can easily upgrade a simple picnic or full meal and make it feel like an elegant gathering. However, they are typically very light fabrics, which makes them hard to keep in place and prevent accidents. Luckily, you can keep your tablecloths in storage and bring out your fitted bed sheets instead, as these could be the ideal replacement since you don't have to worry about them slipping. They are also a convenient solution whenever you need a table cover in a pinch. 

While plastic tablecloths are slippery and loose, fitted twin sheets easily grip the table and are secure when tucked tight. To ensure your items don't come crashing down in a strong wind or due to someone accidentally pulling on the long edge, use some nicely-fitted bed sheets to cover your tables. If you find that this is the ideal table cover replacement, try repurposing your unused tablecloths in the kitchen.

Using fitted bed sheets as tablecloths

To recreate this hack, get a cheap, thin, fitted bed sheet that's a twin or the appropriate size for your table. Cover the table just like you would when making your bed, and tuck in the sides by folding them into the edges. Straighten out the top with your hands so it's nice and flat, and you're done! One tip recommended by TikTok creator @sabrinasotoofficial is to get sheets that match the party theme for the occasion you're celebrating, like a children's birthday or the holiday you're gathering for. You could use black or purple sheets for Halloween, ones with an autumn theme for Thanksgiving, and types with a star-design for the Fourth of July.

Note that normal bed sheet materials will fade over time when used outside, since they aren't UV-resistant. They also won't be able to withstand stains very well. This is why you shouldn't spend too much on the sheets for this purpose. You can get single fitted sheets at second-hand stores or on Amazon for around $10 and stock up on various patterns and designs.