The Hanger Hack That Makes It Easier To Remove Patio Pavers In A Pinch

There are countless reasons to replace a patio paver. One might be broken or loose, leading to potential slip-and-fall accidents. Or you might be redoing your outdoor space and replacing your existing patio. But extrapolating the first paver can often seem like a chore. That's where this incredible wire hanger hack comes into play. You can easily slide a wire clothes hanger beneath your paver, prying it loose and making the rest of your project that much easier. Even better, you can upcycle your old pavers and use them elsewhere around your yard since this hack works to prevent breakage. 

Although patio pavers are known for their durability, lasting upwards of 50 years when properly sealed and cared for, they can crack with wear and tear. If you have weeds growing between your pavers, you may also notice that they break over time, which is why you need to gently remove them. Hammers and chisels are used to cut pavers into shape, so relying on these tools as a means of removal may lead to even more cracks and breaks. But a wire hanger is slim and can shimmy between the cracks, loosening your pavers so you can detach them without any damage to the surrounding surfaces. Here's what you need to know. 

Grab a wire hanger

The first step in this incredible hack is simple — grab your wire clothes hanger and straighten it out. Next, snip off two pieces of straight metal. Each piece should be 8 inches in length. You'll need to bend the ends of each wire so they're identical. Both sides need 90-degree bends in them, with one side having a 1-inch bend and the opposite side having a 3-inch bend. The side with the 3-inch bend will be your handle. 

Although you now have your DIY tool, you need to do a little more prep work before getting started with this wire hanger hack. Take some water and pour it around your first paver. This helps to loosen the material holding it in place, be it sand or grout. You'll also want to unfasten the surrounding pavers, so don't forget to give them a gentle tap with a rubber mallet. Next, using your wire hanger, gently pry your first paver loose. It should pop out easily and without any damage. This hack is not only easy and effective but also free and helps repurpose items you already have around your home.