Whatever Happened To Earth Log – Eco-Friendly Fire Log After Shark Tank Season 6?

Tom Sanetti began making his environmentally friendly fire logs for his friends in his kitchen, but as his product grew into a business, he brought Earth Log onto "Shark Tank" in 2014. Though Sanetti started his company in 2009, he only had $200,000 in sales before appearing in front of the sharks. Sanetti's Earth Logs are made from completely recycled paper and slackwax, allowing the logs to burn at a hotter temperature and produce less smoke than traditional firewood. Because of the scrap wax used to make Earth Logs, the faux firewood gives off a pleasant scent while burning.

Sanetti decided to enter the tank because he did not have the resources to manufacture enough of his product to meet the demand. The company's founder had a potential deal with Albertson's, a chain of grocery stores, to place Earth Logs in 180 locations if Sanetti could make enough of the product. Sanetti had already declined other retail offers with Costco and Vaughn's Pavilions, a home improvement store, because of manufacturing difficulties.

What happened to Earth Log on Shark Tank?

Tom Sanetti went into the tank hoping to get a $160,000 investment for 20% of his company. Because of the business's low sales history and the fact that there were other competing eco-friendly logs on the market, Earth Log had a bit of trouble getting the sharks to bite. Throughout Sanetti's pitch, most of the sharks decided to go out. Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and guest shark Nick Woodman went out because of how much work they believed it would take to grow Earth Logs.

While the majority of the sharks turned away, Lori Greiner decided to make Sanetti an offer. Greiner wanted 35% equity, a 15% boost from what Sanetti originally sought, for the $160K investment. The Earth Log founder jumped at the deal without attempting to convince Greiner to lower the equity and walked away with the hope that the shark's help would ease his manufacturing troubles.

Earth Log's Shark Tank deal never closed

After Earth Log's episode aired, the company began receiving 100 orders every day. This was a vast improvement from the company's time before the show, when it averaged 12 orders annually. Tom Sanetti told the Los Angeles Times that Earth Log was having trouble keeping up with the demand. "Just when we think we're all caught up, we get another 100 orders," Sanetti said. Earth Log continued to grow and eventually formed partnerships with Home Goods, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Lowe's, and Home Depot.

Despite the company's apparent success after its appearance on the show, Sanetti revealed in a Q&A Facebook video that his deal with Lori Greiner never closed. Sanetti explained that he couldn't say much due to a nondisclosure agreement but that he wanted to keep making his product in the United States. "The name of my company that makes Earth-Logs is American Green Products and the idea of making these in China... it's kind of against the principles of why I started this business," Sanetti said. "We make a great product that's great for the environment, and we're creating American jobs...that wouldn't happen if we were making these overseas."

Earth Log seems to have gone out of business

Despite losing out on his deal with Lori Greiner, Tom Sanetti had no hard feelings. In his Facebook video, Sanetti explained that the sharks' advice was helpful and encouraged other entrepreneurs to try out for the show. "These deals don't always work out, but we had a great experience on 'Shark Tank,'" he said. Sanetti continued trying to expand his business without money from "Shark Tank."

While Earth Log products made it into several big retail stores, were sold on Amazon, and gained consumer popularity after the company's "Shark Tank" appearance, Earth Log essentially disappeared in 2018. Earth Log's Instagram and Facebook have not been updated since the summer of 2018, and the company's website no longer exists. Unfortunately for Sanetti and fans of Earth Log, the product doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore, except on an online surplus store, Johnson's Surplus. Though Sanetti's business seemed promising, it sadly did not have lasting success.

What's next for Earth Log's Founder?

Tom Sanetti was passionate about his eco-friendly fire log business, but it is unclear why his business closed or what his plans are for the future. Though Sanetti's LinkedIn page still lists him as the CEO of American Green Products, the company is no longer active, according to Crunchbase. There is not much of a trace of Sanetti online besides the inactive Earth Log accounts, which made no announcement of the company's closure.

Though it is unclear what happened to Sanetti's business or if he'll ever try to start another one, Earth Log succeeded at helping its customers have a more sustainable, scented fire log for about nine years. In his interview with the Los Angeles Times in late 2014, Sanetti explained that he didn't know what would come next. "I don't really have a business plan," Sanetti said. "It's just a hobby." Though customers can no longer purchase products from Sanetti's company, fans can hope that he continues making them for his family and friends as he originally intended.