Keep Your Shower Mildew-Free With A Handy Item From Your Garage

Taking care of your home requires a lot of deep cleaning you probably didn't think you'd have to do, especially when it comes to deep cleaning the bathroom. Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used places in the house. Folks use it to shower, use the toilet, and get ready for the day. It's the one place that's the most susceptible to mildew because of the steam that forms when showering. 

Typically, bathrooms with windows make it easier for the steam to exit without sticking to any surface. However, windowless bathrooms always suffer from moisture. Moisture sitting on the walls and shower doors for too long creates a thin layer of mildew. While using the exhaust fan while you're showering is best to keep steam out at all times, folks tend to forget to turn them. If you have a stainless steel shower door, the water that sits can turn the metal to rust, making it impossible to remove. The best way to prevent rust and mildew from forming in your bathroom is with a single item from your garage: car wax. It adds a protective layer to your shower door that repels water.

Use a thin layer of car wax on your shower door

Car wax is, of course, typically used for cars. It helps protect the paint by adding a thin sealant, but it can also be used on any metal or glass surface, such as a shower door. The wax is easy to use and sticks to the surface like super glue. When appropriately applied, there shouldn't be any waxy residue or a hazy look. You can use any car wax you have at home and a microfiber towel. Before using any car wax, clean your shower door as you normally would. Then, apply the car wax to your shower door, rubbing it in circular motions with your towel. Repeat the steps on the other side of the door. Allow the wax to dry entirely, and buff it out with a new towel until a shiny surface appears. Finally, clean your shower one last time to remove all the wax dust from the ground.

Using the car wax won't only help seal the glass and stainless steel of your shower door, but it only has to be reapplied once a year. So you won't need to worry about mildew forming in the meantime. Just be sure to remember to reapply the wax when the one-year mark has arrived. You can continue cleaning your shower with the same cleaning products you use; the polish won't peel off.