This Newspaper Hack Makes Cleaning The Grill Effortlessly Easy

The transition from summer to fall brings an abundance of autumnal delights, but before we fully immerse ourselves in these flavors, it is essential not to overlook our trusty grill. More importantly, cleaning it. After a season filled with backyard barbecues and outdoor gatherings, cleaning the grill can seem daunting. However, this clever newspaper hack forgoes endless scrubbing and gives your grill a simple and easy steam clean. 

Now, this certainly isn't the first time a newspaper has come to the rescue, and quite frankly, it likely won't be the last. From neutralizing unpleasant fridge odors to thwarting unwelcome garden weeds, newspapers have proven useful time and again. And now, it reveals yet another surprising talent — effortlessly cleaning the barbecue. By repurposing a wet newspaper, its absorbent material soaks up grease and tackles stuck-on food bits, leaving your grill sparkling clean. So, let's delve into the simple yet effective method of using old newspapers to keep barbecues pristine.

Turning grease into mist-ery

For this newspaper hack, first, ensure that your grill is off and allow it to cool down slightly. While it's cooling, take a few sheets of old newspaper and soak them in water. Another option is to dampen the paper using a spray bottle once placed on the grill.

Once the barbecue is warm but not hot, lay the damp newspaper over the grill grates. Close the lid and let it sit undisturbed for about one hour. Throughout this period, the heat and moisture will work together to effectively loosen any stubborn grease, fat, and food remnants. Once time's up, carefully remove the newspaper, which will likely be covered in the grime it absorbed from the grill. Dispose of the repurposed newspaper properly, and simply give a final wipe to remove any remaining residue from the grill grates. Behold! You now have a safe and clean BBQ grill, achieved with ease.